“256th Day” or “Congratulations, programmers!”
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12 September 2016


Friends, colleagues, I would like bring to your attention to one unusual date. Today, a 256 day of the year. Anticipating questions and puzzled look, I explain – Today is the Day of the programmer. Why it is celebrated exactly today? What do you like small, by God! That also lies on the surface: The number a 256 is chosen because it was the number of integers which may be expressed by a single eight digit byte, and this is the maximum power of 2, which is smaller than the number of days in a year – 365. Do not you understand? 🙂

Those people are not just working themselves, but also to provide work the rest of at our office. Without them, nothing would have been. None of your project could not be known. Those desperate people on an equal footing interact among themselves, and we, the humanities, watch them and do not understand what they say. We come with requests, suggestions and prayers to them, and they just say: “Yes, we will do” And they do it! A paradoxical people, they replaces the sunlight with monitors flickering, street noise – with the fan buzz, and they feel the fresh air only when they go for a smoke.

They are cool, but will not admit it. So we decided that the best gift into their professional day for them will be a massage! To bring them to life and prevent professional diseases. 🙂

Guys – programmers, we invite you all to a massage. Come out from your computer’s, drop, finally, the idea of a deadline! At 15.00 on the third floor awaits you a masseur.

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