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23 February 2016

When your shower leaks, when you need to nail a shelf, when it’s hard to carry bags or a suitcase, when you need to open a jar of pickles, when you can’t reach the cup from the upper shelf, when you need to have your back scratched and a neck massage, when you need someone to zip you dress, when you need a tangerine to be peeled, when you like men shirt very much and need a reason to wear it, when your really want some tea while you’re sick, when you understand nothing about cars, and need advice, when you need a shoulder soooo badly, in which you may bury your nose, you go to your man (ie . we always turn to our men). So beloved, dear, warm and strong

And though we are from different planets, though sometimes we do not understand each other, let there be this “though” in our lives))))))) We’ll still always love and appreciate, adore and admire you very much! ))))

Congratulations, Simpals Boys! We wish you even more courage, even more self-confidence, even more strength and inner determination. We congratulate you!! And hug you really, really tight!

PS: Believe us, we are not the weaker sex, we just really like it when you take care of us!)))

With Love, your Simpals Girls





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