Dmitri Voloshin updated the record in freediving
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28 June 2016

молдавский фридайвер, дмитрий волошин

Dmitri Voloshin, Master of Sports in Freediving of Moldova participated in the World Cup ”AIDA Pool World Championships 2016″, which took place in Finland. On Monday, June 27, Dmitry has established a new record of Moldova for static apnea (breath-hold) for 6 minutes 30 seconds.

sporter, дмитрий волошин

The previous national record for the world tournament was the time of 6.08 minutes, which Dmitry has set at the Freediving championship of Moldova in December 2015.

sporter, дмитрий волошин

At the next championship, Voloshin hopes to set a new record of Moldova on breath-hold and show the new time of 7 minutes.

World Championship in Finland lasted until the 3rd of July. You may support our athlete and watch the World Cup live. Check out the competition schedule here.

freediving, молдавский фридайвер congratulates Dmitry Voloshin with a new achievement and record of Moldova!

Good luck in the following disciplines at the championship and we are looking forward to new results!

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