Creative Talks with Simpals – how to reach the pinnacle of success in design
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16 May 2023

On Saturday, the design community gathered at Tucano Coffee Brazil to discuss achieving success in IT design. Among the speakers was Vitalii Covalenco, Product Design Manager at Simpals.

IT is a promising field, but those who are just starting out should choose their direction carefully right from the beginning. To help them do this, the local design community held a Creative Talks panel discussion — Exploring design career path: from intern to $$$$$.

Vitalii participated as an expert. He spoke about the evolution of design careers, the requirements from professionals at different stages. He also defined how an experienced designer differs from a beginner and argued why sometimes you have to be able to let go of some ideas. 

As the one who periodically selects new team members for the company, Vitalii also talked about how to present yourself properly in job interviews and shared his thoughts on job search opportunities. 

Simpals frequently participates in educational projects because one of our values is development. We place a high value on continuous learning and growth in all areas of our business.
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