The cartoon ARIPI is on open access!
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6 January 2020


We are very pleased to present you the cartoon that has been talked about so much over the last few months. Starting today, the cartoon, which is more than just a cartoon for our studio, is on open access (finally!) and available online 🙂 Everyone liked it at the festivals, it returned home with more than 10 victories, and now we are putting it out in the open, because the viewers are, in fact, the most serious and important critics for us 🙂

ARIPI is dedicated to Yuri Borodai, a missing friend of film director Dmitri Voloshin. This is probably why everyone sees the ending of the animated film in their own way.

We really hope that you will love the cartoon 🙂 More than that, on the YouTube channel it is available in two versions: for regular viewing and for VR glasses:

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