April 1 – Simpals celebrates its birthday!
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1 April 2014

Today the company Simpals celebrates its 12th birthday! Every year on April 1st we summarize the work we have done over the past year, announce the launch of new projects and re-launch of old ones. This year our summary of the past year looks like this:

We re-launched Play.md!

The first Moldovan video hosting website has undergone some changes that make the website easy to use. New design+ new engine = new Play.md.

Now let’s move on to other events of the past year:

We re-launched Forum.md!

Now Forum.md runs faster and performs better. Besides, the website supports unified login system, so you don’t have to create and remember different usernames and passwords for the company’s projects (999.md, play.md, point.md, sporter.md and others). By the way, the new design of the website is also pretty cool.

What stayed the same? All functions remained unchanged: users can still add discussions, comment, vote for their favorite topics, etc.
What has been added? We added a few new sections, such as “People say”, “Hot topics” and the section with the most important topics of the day (voting, events, special projects, Moldovan news and news from abroad).

This year we launched a new project- Sporter.md!

Actually, we launched it last year, but this year we’ve organized a lot of Sporter Weekends which attracted not only professional athletes but also amateur sportsmen (which was our main goal). By the way, many employees of our company got so carried away with this idea that they laid aside their bad habits and started exercising. Some of them even ran several marathons – Hip Hip Hurray!!!Long live amateur sports in Moldova!

This year we’ve also launched Point Map application for Android. So now all fans of this operating system will be able to use this app on their devices. By the way, it also has the function of “memorization”- when you’re using the app, the map is loaded from the server and viewed sections of the map are stored in your phone’s memory! Now you’ll never get lost.

Besides, Point Map app displays the location of all speed cameras and radars=)

This year the website 999.md set a new record of unique visitors! In February our “radars” detected that it passed 150,000 unique daily visitors! Great news indeed 🙂

By the way, 999.md won the title of “Favorite of the Year” at the annual contest “Trademark of the Year 2013”!

Besides that, we got new pets: a bird spider Nastya, an agama Obama (we hope that U.S. President will forgive us) and an African hedgehog named Jean Point (it’s not hard to guess what department takes care of the hedgehog). And we also got a rabbit named Cherry=)

This is our Cherry:

Dji has also brought lots of good news. It participated in more than 70 international festivals and won 14 prizes=)

And finally, this year Moldova almost became a space power when we launched a toy rocket into space.

In general, the past year was very fruitful for us. We continue developing new features for the users of our websites and our clients.

PS: Happy April Fools’ Day!
PPS: Happy Birthday, Simpals!

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