Always 1st – Sporter 11!
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9 June 2024

Who taught Moldova to run, made tens of thousands of people believe in their own strength and change their lives? Who proved that little Moldova is a great place for big sporting events? The Sporter team, which is turning 11 today!

What have these 11 years been like? Very active and creative! Because Sporter audaciously achieves what others dare not dream of. Thanks to this team, today our country has the incredible Chisinau Marathon, which attracts participants from over 50 countries, and the epic Rubicon, which has connected all districts of Moldova and has crossed its borders. We are erasing the limits of possibilities in the Glodiator mud and on the water surface at the Aquathlon.


Sporter knows how to send all of Chisinau on a dragon hunt, give a fairytale atmosphere to underworld conquerors and raise true champions. Because the main task, which this super team is doing with great success, is to develop the sport and involve more and more inhabitants of our country in it.


There are no impossible missions for Sporter, and we believe that this team can do anything! We are proud of you and wish you new achievements! Honestly, we won’t be surprised if one day you invite us to a Martian race or a Moon trail.

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