All schools in Gagauzia will be connected to platform
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16 June 2020

We are always proud to talk about the achievements of our projects, but this news shocked us all (in the most positive sense of the word). By 1 September, Gagauzia will connect all 49 schools in the territory to distance learning platform. The decision was made by the General Directorate of Education of ATU Gagauzia after an online meeting with the project team.


The school year ended, and all schools began to sum up so as to see how well distance learning was organized, what difficulties schools had to face. The pandemic has shown that school education in Moldova needs to be modernized and it is necessary to start right away.


For this, the General Directorate of Education of Gagauzia decided to use the platform. This does not mean that all schools in the autonomy will switch to remote learning. Teachers and students will use the functionalities of the platform to modernize the school education process. And if necessary, they will be able to combine the traditional form of education with e-learning.


The work is currently in full swing, and this means that more meetings and consultations await us along the way.

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