The action “It’s dedicated to girls and boys…2014 ” – how it was?
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2 June 2014

It became a tradition for us to go every year at 1st of June at the orphanage to congratulate kids that are deprived of parental love and warmth. This year as you can see, because of the real crazy activity of participants is not an exception. But in some way this year can be called a special one- we decided not just to congratulate kids from orphanage but also to pay society’s attention to the problem that happens everywhere in our country.


During last several years in Moldova occurs the process of reorganization of orphanage and boarding schools. Some of them in particular orphanages for disabled kids are completely eliminated. How do you thing, what happens with them after their houses are closed, and their families are “disbanded”?


The orphanage for children with physical and psychical abnormalities from Visoka has 55 disciples. When we announced about our action and decided to go 200 km of the capital, to bring joy to children in their holiday, we were afraid that will be few people who want to help but we were wrong. We got call after call that didn’t stop till late evening. People were bringing bags and boxes of clothes and toys. More about the preparation process – here!


We managed to raise more then 16 thousands lei that were spent for buying presents, stationeries, toys, fruits and sweets.




When we began to make out all the stuff and sort it by boxes it turned out that one microbus is not enough to transport 50 boxes and a few bags.

But everything was never better and after we loaded the presents we went in a column of 5 cars aside region of Soroca. On the picture below- the orphanage director Mrs Nelly.


The way wasn’t easy. First of all road repairs slowed our movement and the second is that we got lost. So a part of the column was going on one way and another part on another way. While we were searching each other we even managed to take some photos!)))


So we arrived to the orphanage. Children prepared a concert for us, they were singing, dancing and were very happy that a group from Сhisinau came to visit them in their holiday.


If you just could see how their eyes were shining when we were bringing the boxes with presents that seems to never end.

By the way we can’t say that situation in orphanage is very bad. Educators do everything to keep the territory cleaned and clear, rooms well done, and children to live in love and get everything they need.


They smile, don’t want to go home, learn how to draw, to dance, to sew, to do handmade, to work on the computer – they are happy!





After the concert, we went to the canteen where our volunteers have already prepared a sweet table and a bag with presents for each child in part. Bags had inside stationeries, sweets, and personal care products.



The only fact that really upsets is that in 2015 this orphanage will be closed. Children who just learned to speak and to smile again, in whose eyes fear just disappeared, who just learn to sleep on the white sheets, who forgot about all the pain, that was happened in their families with parents alcoholics. They have to loose again their home, family, and each other’s love.


*A couple of orphanage disciples have danced a very beautiful dance- it’s wondering that only one year ago that girl couldn’t even move her body. In this orphanage contain her 4 more brothers- altogether in their family there are 12 children and their mother is deprived of parental rights because she forced her children to sleep in the barn.


* This boy was literally found in the snow by the educators who nurse him… if you just could hear how nice he sings.

The photographer from made a self portrait as a memory for each disciple in part and printed them while they were eating and viewing their presents.








FORUM.MD express their big gratitude to the employees of the Simpals company, which participate in this action every year, to guys from Club of Young Businessmen who take part for the second time in charity actions that were organized by our forum. We would like to thank mothers from MAMA.MD forum for contacts of needed orphanage and material help. We thank the photo-team from HEARTS for initiative and memorable presents for kids. Thank to all partial people who shared every day their toys and clothes, bringing them to our office and supporting the action. THANK YOU!! Only because of your faith, care, understanding and love our actions got a sense!


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