A new player on Play.md. With subtitles.
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1 April 2008

Now is more comfortable and interesting to watch Play.md. The feature of the new player is the subtitles that can be wrote by all the users.

A unique opportunity to write subtitles had appeared. You can leave a mark on the timeline and write a comment on certain video frame in the pop-up window. This comment appears in the subtitles when viewing the frame. This can be done by any registered user. The author of the video has the right to delete the comments that he doesn’t like, or, the user can simply disable this feature. Moreover, all the subtitles appear in the comments under the video.

Apart of the subtitle, the player has changed in size. The new window resolution of viewing on Play.md is now 540×540 pixels. This allows users to upload videos of higher quality, and therefore watch it with great pleasure.

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