999.md launches the “Mutual aid in quarantine” subcategory
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16 April 2020

We all know that in these days, we need more solidarity, empathy and goodwill, therefore, 999.md created a special subcategory, which is dedicated to all people who need help or who can offer help in this difficult time. Now you can access the Services category on 999.md and choose the “Mutual aid in quarantine” subcategory.


This service was generated in order to support the vulnerable people, the elderly or those who are COVID-19 transmitters (and who are in quarantine all by themselves).

If you are in isolation and you need help, you may create an ad by writing “I need help” and specifying your need.

Also, people who want to offer a hand of help for free may create an ad by writing “I can offer help” and leaving contact details.

An active ad in a subcategory is free. If you publish multiple ads, after verifying their authenticity, 999.md will refund the money for posting back to your account.

We are sure that we can do great things together, regardless of the big social distance, and that we will become united as never before.

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