999.md celebrates 23 years!
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24 January 2024

In 23 years Moldova has changed a lot. We have forgotten about visas and opened the freedom of movement, we have changed the president and the parliament 8 times. A whole generation of new people had time to be born, grow up, get educated, create families and give birth to their own children! However, there is something that has not changed. During all these years, the residents of Moldova have had a reliable friend – the 999.md electronic classified ads board. Today it celebrates its birthday – congratulations!

999 is the champion of the Moldnet and the first site that comes to mind when we need to buy or sell something. It is used to open and develop businesses, find the right people, goods, services, organize holidays and fulfill dreams. It is a resource that brings advanced IT solutions to Moldova, but at the same time maintains warm human relations with its users.


A lot of interesting things have happened during these years, but the future will be even more interesting. The site continues to develop to grow together with Moldova. After all, this is a Simpals project, it is important for us to change the world for the better, and even more important to help people to do it together. 

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