„999 Market” moved to a new domain – Price.md
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21 December 2016

Online-shop “999 Market” moved to a new domain – Price.md. The steady expansion of the sellers catalogs and products determined us to move the online market to a new, separated platform.


Price.md is a platform where every user can choose the product and the place where he can buy it, according to his preferences and financial posibilities. On Price.md you have clear information about the products: description, reviews, and the information about the disponibility in different shops. The platform is created in such a way that everybody could find, very easy and fast, the products he need, know the assortment of shops and choose the best way to ship it. Today, on Price.md you can find 150 shops with 150 000 products. Each user can choose any product he needs: shoes, clothes, auto parts, furniture, accesories, gifts, household chemicals and much more.


The accessible interface allows to users to navigate easier  

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