SIMPALS at the conference “Marketing, PR and Advertising”
During 2 days, March 20 and 21, in the fourth unit of State University of Moldova (SUM), was held the
We’ve launched the MMS photo-contest – www.
Together with VOXTEL Company we’ve developed a photo-contest based on the technology of MMS messages. Simpals had developed the website
The SMS service “SMS Market” is now available for Moldcell customers
From February 5, 2007, the service for placing ads via SMS has become available for the subscribers of Moldcell and
The newspaper “SMS Market” has now 24 pages
Beginning with the 17 edition, the newspaper “SMS Market” has grown from 20 to 24 pages.
Moldova’s first Internet-pager: Point Messenger
Компания Simpals запустила первый в Молдове интернет-пейджер под названием Point Messenger.The Simpals Company has launched the first Moldovan Internet-pager called Point
“A site on credit” – a new service from Simpals
The successful development of your business requires a simple site or a big portal? You want to change the design – Free registration of your company
We’ve launched the  free registration of the companies on the largest business portal Moldova. The price of the company will
YesToday ’13 – “A total masquerade”
So, when is the New Year???? Like when? December 21. It has become a good tradition to celebrate the New
Sticker and Daily – VIP ads on
Sticker – are the ads that are always at the top of the page, compared to the simple ads that
Cannes Lions in Moldova 2006
Our company has won the top prize in the nomination “Non-alcoholic beverages” at the festival “Cannes Lions” in Moldova 2006.
We’ve launched the site of the company “Natur Bravo”
We’ve launched the site of one of the largest manufacturers of canned foods in Moldova, the company «Natur Bravo».
We’ve launched the site of the “Chisinau” beer –
The site is a gallery of vivid pictures with glasses of fresh beer and Moldavian landscapes, history and brewing technology,
The technical update of the servers of and
Dear users of the Internet portals and, due to the increased traffic on our web-sites we conduct technical
YesToday’12 – “Yes2Years”
Birthday – sad holiday?? Not for us.For two long years, many residents of the capital have dual registration – and
The newspaper “SMS Market” is now 25% larger
Beginning with the fourth issue, the newspaper «SMS Market» is increased by 25%. The increase in pages touched such headings
The commercial for NESTLE “Get the chocolate jackpot”
NESTLE Promo – what won’t you do for a delicious chocolate bar!
YESclusive Party! (off. minioff) – October 3, in the SUBMARINE Military Pub
Only for the residents of, the SUBMARINE Military Pub is waiting for you today, Tuesday at 21:00 on YESclusive
The launch of the newspaper “SMS Market”
We’ve launched the project SMS-Market. SMS-Market is an ad newspaper, though not all that easy. SMS-Market is Moldova’s first print
Take a look at life from a DIFFERENT PERSPECTIVE with KENT
On September 28, 2006 we’ve launched the second version of the promo-site for the cigarette brand KENT of the company
The first issue of the sms newspaper “SMS Market”
On September 27, 2006, the company «Simpals» has launched the first, unparalleled print SMS project – the newspaper «SMS Market».
Our people on Dom-2
On September 14, our video chat was visited by a participant of the reality show Dom-2 – Lamin Malla.
The weather for the current day on
Our company has developed the technology of on-line temperature sensor. The value of the air temperature is measured every 30
YesToday’ 11 – “YES”
Despite all the troubles and stalemate that happened before the celebration, WE HAD FINALLY MET. So, Faraon Club, September 1,
OFFline 24 – People of the FORUM, unite yourselves! FORUM.MD
I. Introduction September 1 – Knowledge Day in our country. On this day we decided to please the guys who
The TV program guide on the portal
We’ve launched the TV program guide of Moldova, Romania, Russia, Ukraine and other countries on the portal
Colored ads on
After the launch on March 20, 2006, of the service SMSMARKET,which allows you add ads on the portal via SMS,
Summer, a pool with cool water and offline… What could be better? Once again, the brilliant idea to spend offline
Our company has developed a server and client software, and the SMS service for the promotional campaign “IN THE WORLD
The promo clip for the “Rock Festival Stary Melnik 2006”
The feature of the video is a very unexpected approach to the concept of the clip,, compared to the previous
YesToday’10 – sTOP_KAdr
On July 7, in the “Moscova” club was held the anniversary party Yestoday 10, dedicated to the finishing of the
The internet television of the city
Dear residents, Now you have the opportunity the programs of the internet TV of the city

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