We’ve launched the service VIDEO AD on
The largest bulletin board in Moldova,, has launched on November 17, 2007 a unique service for Moldova: The video ad
The commercial of Nestle – “Music”
The features of the video Nestle – “Music” is the character animation. A hilarious movie, which will not only make
The commercial of the vodka “Zernoff”
We had to show vodka «Zernoff», as the purest product. The video embodies the brand’s philosophy: “The quality of the
The newspaper “SMS Market” has now 44 pages
The newspaper «SMS Market» has now 44 pages, which is almost 3 times greater than the first number. We’ve two
We’ve launched a new project –
On October 14th, Simpals launched a new project. Nearly all Moldnet had to think about its name: in just the
DRIVE.MD summarizes “AUTOMARKET’ 2007”
On October 3 has ended the international exhibition “AUTOMARKET Autosalon ‘2007”, which lasted for 6 days. Chisinau hasn’t seen such
We’ve launched a virtual city in Russia –
The Simpals Company has launched a new project in Runet – the virtual city “SimLife“. It’s like in real life:
The commercial for Orange – PrePay Juno
We’ve created an interesting commercial for Orange. The feature of the video Orange – PrePay Juno is the character animation
On you can now record a video directly from your webcam!
Now you can record on the webcam all you want, and then upload the captured video on You don’t
We’ve launched an internet TV in Russia – is a integral Internet TV, which allows its users to create their own television channels from personal video materials, to
We’ve launched the mobile version of –
The mobile version of is the ability to download and view all the clips posted on our website, on held the live broadcast from the rock festival “Stary Melnik”
The largest and the most expected rock event of the year “Stary Melnik” was held on Saturday July 28, 2007.
The promotional video of the rock festival “Stary Melnik 2007”
The result was a large-scale innovative movie. The innovation for Moldova was the quality interaction of the video with 3D
We offer you a unique opportunity to show your creative and inimitable nature to whole Moldova!
We’ve launched the new morphologic search on
The SIMPALS Company has developed a new search service on the portal Now it began to work in 2
Placement of video press-releases on
The internet TV has launched a new unique service in Moldova – placement of video press-releases (duration of the
Submission of SMS ads in the newspaper “Спрос и предложение”
A new service! Submission of SMS ads in the newspaper “Спрос и предложение”, Balti. For this, send a SMS with
The new commercial of the drink «Festival» in a rock style
He listens to rock, he is independent and self-sufficient, and he easily overcomes all obstacles. New 3D skills and technologies
We’ve launched the site of the largest network of entertainment «TEN»
We’ve developed the portal of the entertainment network «TEN», which means the most recent events: Military Pub, Star Track, City
Simpals and at the Orange Open Air
SIMPALS Company was the official partner of the loudest event in the dance life of Moldova – Orange Open Air.
The commercial of the drink “Festival” in a Disco style
She is bright, fun and carefree and it is easy and simple for her to go through life. What are
We’ve finished working on the clip of Arsenium “Professional heartbreakers”
On June 2, 2007 the Simpals Company has finished working on the clip of Arsenium “Professional heartbreakers“. The Premiere of
We’ve launched the new site of KENT
The progress demands the perfection of design. The new pack of Kent. Find out first about it. A new level
We’ve launched the new version of Point Messenger (ver 1.0)
In the new version we’ve connected the new popular Internet portal PLAY.MD and now, the users of the site are will provide the live broadcast from COMINFO ‘2007
From 25 to 28 April, in Chisinau will be held the exhibition of information and communication technologies – COMINFO Moldova
SIMPALS has launched the receiving of video via MMS on
On April 15 2007, the SIMPALS Company has launched on the first Moldovan service of receiving video materials from will provide live broadcast from WebTop 2007
On April 24 2007, will be held the awarding ceremony of the contest WebTop 2007. The first Moldovan Internet TV
The Internet Award of SIMPALS at the contest WebTop 2007
On April 24, will be held the ceremony of Webtop Awards. Especially for this event, SIMPALS had prepared its award,
We’ve launched the first Internet TV in Moldova –
On April 1, on its birthday, Simpals made a present for all Moldnet – the launching of first Moldovan Internet
Teambuilding 2007 La Roma
The Simpals Company is 5 years old, so we gathered together to mark this significant date. The selected place was
The commercial for Prime Capital – “Loans for housing”
Are you dreaming for more? The frog will tell you what to do. Try! Your home is waiting for you!
SIMPALS at the seminar “Internet in modern business”
On Wednesday, March 28, was held a seminar for the executives, marketers, advertising specialists, sales managers, for the heads of

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