YesToday’8 – Flirto’Party – The Report of the Eighth Official Meeting of the Residents of
Because of the fact that the number of YESers which are attending the offlines is significantly increasing, it was decided
Simpals at the Web Top 2005
At the annual competition “WebTop 2005”, the Company “Simpals” took the second place for the site And the third
Teambuilding in Codri
Well, that’s another teambuilding Simpals in Codri. Freezing weather, snow, fresh air of the forest — a perfect time for
OFFline 20 – New Year Party! FORUM.MD
Towards the main party of 2005 YEAR! Happy New Year to all you…   It was a memorable offline: Vodka
WAP.YES.MD – the mobile version of
Dear citizens of the City, We’re pleased to announce that we had opened the mobile version of the site
Yestoday’7 “New Year in a new way”
The report of the YesToday’7 New year in a new way! In order to adequately meet the New Year, you – The internet project of the year was named the internet project of the year in the contest “Youth in action”. – the internet project of the year
The site was named the internet project of the year as part of the program “Youth in action”.
Yestoday’6 “The City in the City”
With the support of the cellular shops Eurotel. In the night from 8th to 9th November, City Club has hosted
OFFline 19 – American Football FORUM.MD
“Professional American football is like a nuclear war. There are no winners. Only survivors”. Bob Hop
We’ve launched the daily chat on
Good news for YESers: now you can communicate through the daily video chat.
Imagine that a few hundred people split into pairs and at a certain moment they all start to kiss: with
OFFLINE-18 “KARAOKE OFFLINE”   “Quiet around, just the badger is not sleeping. He hung his ears on a branch and
OFFline 18 – Karaoke FORUM.MD
We welcome on August 6 to booze at the Karaoke MuzCafe. Admission is free, custom songs – Free. We would
YESTERDAY 5 – “Hurrah! Our anniversary!”
On July 3, in the dance-cafe “Flacara” was held the FIFTH OFFicial meeting of the residents of the YES.MD city
Cronograf 2005
Our company was awarded the diploma of the third degree for the commercial of «SunInternet» at the International Documentary Film
YESTODAY-IV or “Recall everything…”
YESTODAY-IV or “Recall all…”By the way, we didn’t manage to “Recall all”, but there was something that we didn’t forgot.Today,
The third official meeting of the residents of
The third off-icial meeting of the residents of Dear residents of the City, stop hiding in online!!! It’s time
Office on Puskin street, 12
We’re changing again the place of residence =) now Simpals office is located on the street Pushkin number 12. The
We’ve launched the site
We’ve launched the corporate site of the company: This is an informative site which contains the information about the
YESTODAY 2 – “Valentines YesToday”
The second official meeting of the residents of YES.MD– “Valentines YesToday”. Dear residents, February 13, 2005 at 20:00, at the
Yestoday 1
Venue — Art Club. Date — 19 December 2004 Time -19:00. The program lasts for 2 hours. Attention: Only for residents – the internet project of the year was names the internet project of the year. is launched
October 15, 2004 – we’ve launched the online game It is an unusual project for Moldnet, but we hope
OFFline 15 – cinema-Patriot
On August 14, Forum goes to the night session to the Patria cinema and gives the first 20 comers FREE
Office on the street Yablochkina, 5
We moved to a new office on the street. Yablochkina, № 5. Number of employees of the company «Simpals» increased
OFFline 14.2 – “From Dusk Till Dawn” or “The venue cannot be changed” FORUM.MD
Where it was: The continuation of the OFFLINE 14.2 was entitled, “From Dusk Till Dawn 2”. Also, because of numerous
OFFline 14 – from Dusk Till Dawn or the wet offline FORUM.MD
Where it was: Because of numerous proposals, we decided to hold the OFFLINE 14, entitled, “From Dusk Till Dawn” at
OFFline 13 – Bowling FORUM.MD
The official report of the bowling-offline: It was the official XIII’Th offline FORUM.MD and we spent it at the bowling
OFFline 12.1 – Liter ball FORUM.MD
The official report of the liter ball: Report of the liter ball championship between the participants of FORUM.MD on Friday,
Cronograf 2004
At the International Documentary Film Festival — Cronograf 2004, the Simpals Company was awarded with a second-degree diploma for the
master: Yes, it will take place on the 1st of March. On the day of solidarity of all those who

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