Yellow Cab by “Chisinau Is Me”: Mateevici, 69

04.11.2014 tagged as ,

Dear citizens of Chisinau! The urban project “Chisinau is Me” gathers pace! Last week we wrote that one family inspired by the project wished to remain anonymous and made a donation for the creation of the first art object!

So, we hasten to bring you good news- this object is completed! The weather was not very kind to us, but despite the cold, the artists have completed the first artwork in 2 days! Meet our Yellow Cab with thunderous applause!





Tomorrow, on November 3, our team of artists will start to create a new work of art! You would never guess what it is! :))) Well, you just have to wait – very soon you will see it!

If you liked any particular work that we’ve presented and you’d like to become its partial or full sponsor, you can support us and make this city a better place to live in!

Requisite details of the project:

fisc / code 1013620006827
mun. Chisinau, str. Ion Neculce 5, et. 2
current account 2224303324 BC’Victoriabank’SA fil.N 3 Chisinau VICBMD2X416

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