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Making of “Dji. Death Sails” – Part Three

09.02.2015 0

Visualization To achieve greater flexibility at the stage of visualization, we had to use additional passes: Point Position Pass, Normals Pass (to highlight the top or bottom side of the …


Making of “Dji. Death Sails” – Part Two

07.02.2015 0

The pirate rig Our pirate is quite bulky, even so he can’t passively die of thirst. In other words he must move. In order to make this big guy move …


The premiere of our new animation film “Dji death Sails”!

30.12.2014 0

  Merry Christmas everybody and have a Happy New Year with a box full of presents! Here is our present for you. We launched the second short animated film about …


Jobs for Young Specialists

09.04.2014 0

In October 2010, the first Moldovan school of computer graphics and animation (Monsters School) opened its doors.…


The premiere of the animated series “Dji. Death Fails”

05.11.2012 0

  On November 4, at the festival Anim’est 2012 the company Simpals presented its new animated film about a grim reaper named Dji.…


New characters

31.01.2011 0

Good day everyone! Currently we’re working fruitfully on the script for the full-length film. …



23.12.2010 0

Вы еще не устали от индюков, перьев и всяких технических терминов? Наверняка да. Кроме персонажей, аниматоров и прочих нужных для мультфильма вещей, есть еще и какие-то чудные и загадочные места.…


Turkey Ilo. Wings, legs, tail…

15.11.2010 1

It has been a long time since we wrote about our characters. Time to make up for it. Today we’ll continue our conversation about the turkey Ilo.…


Where do Monsters come from?

15.10.2010 0

Today we’ll talk about monsters. Which exactly? About various ones.…


Do you want a gift?

28.12.2009 0

Once we asked our painters a very important, to our opinion, question. It was the following:”What gifts would you like to get for the New Year, but not money”? …


Festivals. Anim Est. Romania.

19.10.2009 0

While you are thinking about the script for the third picture (cartoon) and animators are working on the cartoon, I decided not to disturb them and not to lose time …


Animatic is the son of the animator…

17.12.2008 0

The conversation in our office more and more doesn’t sound like human talking. Words like “Animatic” “Plan”, “Close shot”, “Distant shot”, “Medium shot” and the rest. At one moment, we …


Did you ever act in a cartoon?

24.11.2008 0

Did you ever act in a cartoon? I guess everyone is familiar with this famous funny quotation. But like every joke, this one has also a small part of joke …


Come on guys, harness horses!

27.10.2008 0

In our previous posts we wrote about the cartoon’s new character, the horse Butze, whose exterior, spurred a lot of controversy. Now, it is the time to bring the horse …


Cloth simulation

30.09.2008 0

So, all the movements of the three-dimensional character are ready, but still something is missing… We lack gentle summer breeze, which flaps the curtains of our wagon.…


Getting old – is fun!

23.09.2008 0

We continue to familiarize you with heroes of our cartoon. Get to know: – Grandfather Baro- Blogs readers, blog readers- Grandfather Baro.…


First step.

11.09.2008 0

First step. Well, after we have the wagon and the work on the model, rig and skin of the gypsy is finished, the time has come to try all this …


Visit to the Minotaur

25.08.2008 0

Have you ever been called by a heaven being? Let us suppose, you are young producer and suddenly your phone is ringing. You pick it up, and hear “Hello, this …


Horses without coats. As they are.

20.08.2008 0

Horse in a coat, guffaw like a horse, dappled horse, Chief Crazy Horse, at last… All the well-known images at first promised us an easy task, similar to making a …


Skinning and Rigging. Odd…

16.08.2008 0

After our character was modeled and textured the time has come to make him move.…


One more step towards reality – texturing

13.08.2008 0

When a model of a character is ready we can start texturing it. Texture – is an image laid over the surface of 3D model in order to add surface …


We launched the blog “The Gypsy”

04.07.2008 0

We launched the blog of the project. And not a simple blog, it is a direction about how o make a 3D cartoon. …


Project management system

15.06.2008 0

For work at such difficult project we can do without the project management system. Project management system –it is a soft, that allows us to manage the projects, distributing the …


The Script

04.06.2008 0

Time influence- everything starts from a phone call. The call from Master didn’t bode something bad but it was unusual because he called me rarely. …

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