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Simpals Studio starts working on the new episode about the adventures of Dji

19.02.2016 0

Dear fans and admirers of Dji! We have been thinking a lot on how we can make you happy in this New Year! And we have decided that the best …


Foreign Students-Animators Visiting Simpals Animation Studio

28.07.2015 0

There is an organization in our country that annually invites to Moldova the students from various countries of the world united by common idea. This year such idea was animation. …


We Made it into the Press

29.10.2013 0

There is animation in Moldova! Moreover, the works of the Moldovan animation studio Simpals are known across the world. =) If you want to know, how we came up with …


In the Country of Cartoons

15.10.2013 0

Simpals Animation Studio can also be called «open door studio» =) We are often visited by children who are eager to find out how cartoons are made, eat something tasty …

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