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Our Farm Expands!

07.04.2014 0

We’ve got new pets in our office!…


+1 Pretty Girl in the Office

20.10.2013 0

We can’t eradicate the tradition of bringing exotic pets into our office. Here’s our new pet. This pretty girl is called Nastya (hahaha) and she lives in the office of …

тнт офис

Exotic Office of the Company Simpals

01.10.2013 0

Exotic Office of the Company Simpals
The journalist of the television programme «Istorii Urbane» on TNT paid a visit to our company.…


A New Pet

01.05.2013 0

We hired one more girl and put her at once into the terrarium cage. =) We’re joking! We love girls, but now in our office appeared……


Knock knock… Anybody home?

04.03.2013 0

A few words about our staff. Our staff includes about 120 employees. There are quite many animals among them, and it’s not a bad word in this context (though sometimes …

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