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Bringing walls Simpals to life

03.03.2020 0

If your kids love to paint on the walls, send them to art school 😄 Maybe in a few years they will make a masterpiece out of the walls in …

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A “historical” post

19.03.2018 0

We continue telling you about different interesting things. So, today there will be 3 stories: why is Dmitri Voloshin growing a braid, why is Moldova a spacefaring nation and why …

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Birthday’s coming!

17.03.2018 0

So, soon is our birthday. It’s a common thing to prepare for it, so we won’t break this tradition. Of course, on April 1 (that’s our birthday date) we will …


Happy Womens Day

12.03.2018 0

If on March 8 the womankind celebrates the International Women’s Day, on March 7 the whole world celebrates the International Female Colleagues’ Day 🙂 And if someone knows the perfect …


Happy Mărțișor!

01.03.2018 0

It’s springtime! And if you think that Spring might suddenly forget to look at the calendar, you’re terribly wrong. We burned the effigy of Maslenitsa, ate lots of pancakes, so …


Maslenitsa inda house!

16.02.2018 0

If someone suddenly asks you “How to make spring come faster?”, we have a solution. So, write down: – 100-150 hungry people, – end of the workweek, – 1,5 tones …


Dji. Death loves

14.02.2018 0

We at Chisinau is me would like to celebrate the fervent feeling of love, as today is the most beautiful holiday for lovers all over the world – Valentine’s Day! …


Smile and take a picture )

13.02.2018 0

You come to work in the morning, as usual, ready for a new working day (or not really), and bump into a camera without a cameraman at the reception , …


Groundhog Day

02.02.2018 0

Hey, today is the Groundhog Day! And the famous groundhog Phil from the American city Punxsutawney predicted six more cold and frosty winter weeks. We don’t have a groundhog in …


Eskimo Pie Day

26.01.2018 0

Long ago, in one of the cinemas in Paris, a film about Eskimo people was screened. A smart merchant, whose name was Charles Gervais, decided to sell the visitors chocolate-covered …


Tatiana Day

25.01.2018 0

We’ve got a wonderful tradition at Simpals: each year in our company appears a new employee named Tatiana. This year there are seven of them 🙂 Now we can brag …


Christmas Сarol

22.12.2017 0

On Christmas Eve, students from the Academy of Economic Studies of Moldova came to sing us carols. Thank you so much for the kind wishes and for the fact that …


International Tea Day

15.12.2017 0

Show me your tea mug and I’ll tell you who you are. We really believe that the mug you choose for drinking your tea reflects your personality. And in order …


80-level stress resistance

15.12.2017 0

80-level stress resistance. Organizers of Maratonul de Craciun 2017 one day before the event 🙂 …


The International Monkey Day

14.12.2017 0

Rumor has it that today is a special day in the animal kingdom – the International Monkey Day 🙂 We can’t walk by since we have a whole family of …


Employee jokes

06.12.2017 0

«This is how 50% of the people at the reception desk are called» Headline of the day “Employee jokes” 🙂 Facebook …

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07.11.2017 0

That moment when you’re on your way to work thinking about a tasty coffee, but you find this 🙂 …

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18.10.2017 0

  Today, October 18th, is the World Candy Day. Do you have candy provisions in your office? Treat yourself and your colleagues. Are you on your way home? …


Burger Lunch by Barbar

13.09.2017 0

Today we had to act as guinea pigs… But don’t worry, we’re alright 🙂 All we had to do was taste the delicious Burgers by Barbar. The cool guys at …

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Grape Joy

07.09.2017 0

  Big lush grapes and green wine are the major stereotypes of Moldovan autumn. And since we had no time to wait for matured wine, which is good to drink …

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DoubleMelon Day

25.08.2017 0

  There is a superstition that water melon cannot and should not be mixed with melon because it will result into headache, and all that. It’s a lie through teeth. …


The first day of spring in Simpals

01.03.2017 0

Dear friends, finally spring is here! We were waiting for it since fell down the first autumn leaves, since the snowflakes covered everything around, since we celebrated New Year Eve. …


Eskimo Day in Simpals

24.01.2017 0

There are moments when you are in the middle of the winter, outside is snowing but you want to feel like in a warm and sunny day. What you should …


Accountant, my lovely accountant

10.11.2016 0

Money love silence and sluggishness. The accountants and financiers have said that at all times. Well, just this kind of people we have. They work daily with us. And we …


Deadline never dies

31.10.2016 0

On monday, all the people in the Simpals office, was awaiting in  suspense. It wasn’t a joke, the City Quest appeared suddenly in our office and decided to organize a …


It’s just Halloween

28.10.2016 0

Friends, the office of the company Simpals got filled with all sorts of ghouls and witches, pumpkin heads rolled in, gravestones crawled in and even a spooky bird spider. Well, …


“256th Day” or “Congratulations, programmers!”

12.09.2016 0

Friends, colleagues, I would like bring to your attention to one unusual date. Today, a 256 day of the year. Anticipating questions and puzzled look, I explain – Today is …


“You are a DESIGNER” or about September 9

09.09.2016 0

It’s those people that we love and admire because of r big amazing ability to transfer to the paper / monitor / huge billboard: “Well, something like that is necessary. …


Boarder Friday

12.08.2016 0

On July 8, the friendly staff of the company Simpals turned into pirate for a day, insidiously prowling around the neighborhood of the recreation center on the Dniester in search …

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+ 40°C

12.07.2016 0

On sultry working days, the programmers of Simpals company are saving their co-workers and office-neighbours in such a cool-mojito way! Even the lovers to send codes through the sms didn’t …


Forward march!

08.07.2016 0

Today, we close the office with a huge barn electronic lock and leave for a treasure hunt. All our friendly team goes to Molovata Noua, which will host the summer …


Simpals Pool Party

25.06.2016 0

There’s nothing better on a hot working Saturday, than to jump with all your colleagues in a swimming pool! Alltogether, hand in hand, because the working day is shortened and …


Guided tour through Simpals: “How to get inspired?”

24.06.2016 0

On June 24, the delegation EcoVisio arrived to Simpals company. It consisted of 8 participants from different countries of the near and far abroad. The participants expressed a desire …


Chalk board

31.05.2016 0

In our office we have a huge chalk board, on which we draw the same huge congratulations, turning the wall into a huge postcard. Before every major holiday, our artists …


Pancake Festival at Simpals

12.03.2016 0

On a working Saturday morning, only one word comes to your mind “Oh, sugar!” And if a lot people start thinking about sugar and tasty morning goodies it combines well …


23 February in Company Simpals

23.02.2016 0

When your shower leaks, when you need to nail a shelf, when it’s hard to carry bags or a suitcase, when you need to open a jar of pickles, when …


Simpals Tattoo

29.01.2016 0

Our company has the craziest and most badass people! They always keep their word and fulfill their promises! Thus, out of 7,000,000,000 people on the planet Earth, as …


Eskimo day

25.01.2016 0

ESKIMO. On the day of January 24, 1922, one clever man, named Christian Nelson, received a patent for the Eskimo pie – ice cream glazed with chocolate on a stick. …


Hello, Halloween!

04.11.2014 0

What time of the year can you find a tombstone at your workplace? Or bump into a bat in the hall? Or get trapped in a dark office corridor together …


The first professional timing system in Moldova!

10.09.2014 0

  On September 21, for the first time in Moldova professional timing system will be used at the bicycle race Chisinau Criterium-2014! …


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