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International day of pets

30.11.2016 0

Today is the international day of pets and we join too this feast. Because we have our office pets which run, swim, jump and sleep. Sometimes we look at them, …


The moderator’s professional day

10.11.2016 0

Do you know that looking in the comments on the news websites it is like looking in the dark which is full of rubbish. All this we avoid with our …


Accountant, my lovely accountant

10.11.2016 0

Money love silence and sluggishness. The accountants and financiers have said that at all times. Well, just this kind of people we have. They work daily with us. And we …


Happy Lawyer’s Day!

19.10.2016 0

Friends! Whole our wonderful republic celebrates the people whose work is  linked forever to the blindfold woman with the weights. Do you understand? No? You are wrong, it is not …


Happy birthday “Chisinau is ME”!

14.10.2016 0

Today, we have the brightest and the most colorful celebration! And don’t you even start saying that they all are bright and colorful. This one is the most colorful, believe …


“Sporter” celebrates 1461 days! Happy birthday!

12.10.2016 0

These people don’t know what are weekends, tiredness and unhappy faces. They are aware of every sports event, taking place in our country. They are capable of gathering as many …


HR Professional Day

21.09.2016 0

Dear colleagues, today in our office we celebrate a very serious professional holiday. Usually, namely these people meet everybody, who comes to interviews. They are recruiting for us new colleagues, …

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