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Giant yummies offered by Chișinău Is ME

16.05.2018 0

Who doesn’t dream about a huge slice of pizza, or a giant burger, or some ice cream that never ends? Chișinău Is ME decided to make these dreams a reality… …


Angry Birds – the new art object by Chisinau Is ME

14.05.2018 0

The famous urban art project Chisinau IS ME has participated with a new art object in Good Deeds Day – an annual activity. Through the artists efforts, characters from the …


I love Chișinău

14.02.2018 0

Dear friends, on Valentine’s Day the team of Chisinau is me took a walk through the city and gathered lots of declarations of love to our hometown, Chișinău. In our …


Visits to the doctor became more colorful, thanks to Chisinau Is ME team

21.12.2016 0

Chisinau Is ME art-project team wants that every child could smile, even if they pass through a hard period. They decided to make the visit to the doctor more pleasant, …

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The monument to Moldovan coin was set in Chisinau

14.10.2016 0

On the eve of the City Holiday, a new art object created by Chisinau is ME appeared in Chisinau. This time, the artists decided not to refresh the old ordinary …


Happy birthday “Chisinau is ME”!

14.10.2016 0

Today, we have the brightest and the most colorful celebration! And don’t you even start saying that they all are bright and colorful. This one is the most colorful, believe …


We want to the seaside

30.06.2016 0

The real summer came, when all the dreams and desires can be summed up in just one sentence: “I want to the seaside!” And I also want a vacation! Our …


Hopscotch in the capital’s parks

25.06.2016 0

This week, hopscotch for kids appeared in the parks Valea Trandafirilor and Valea Morilor. The action was held by Mama.md Community and art project Chisinau is me. Полный фотоотчет…


Chisinau Is ME: Boy with a dog

09.06.2016 0

Dear friends, summer will come in two weeks. This means that the vacation, great mood, biking, swimming in the river and meeting up with friends is not far off. This …


New folk character “Pacala”

31.05.2016 0

Public art project “Chisinau Is ME” has presented Chisinau with another Moldovan hero. Guess who! Pacala, the one! From now on, one of the most clever and good-natured heroes of …


Telefunken – the two-meter robot

20.05.2016 0

Far away, almost on the outskirts of Chisinau, a broken telephone switchboard was peacefully dozing. Each of us has seen one of these. You can usually see a guy in …


Chisinau is ME: In the Moldovan popular character has a wife

25.04.2016 0

Social urban art project Chisinau is ME supplemented the drawing of the Moldovan national character they made earlier. According to the organizers, they deliberately left an empty Transformer shield next …


Places for kissing appeared in a park of Chisinau

15.02.2016 0

The Project Chisinau Is Me continues to please Chisinau inhabitants with its art objects, creating a festive mood with the help of seemingly simple things. On Sunday, February 14th…


New Art-Object from Chisinau is Me: Mysterious Gate

29.05.2015 0

Spring or summer are the favorite seasons of the social project “Chisinau is Me”. Creative team has been waiting for so long for pretty warm days that it cannot retain …


Chisinau is Me at the Yardsale # 37

18.05.2015 0

Hurrah! The 37th Yardsale is over. The event was just splendid and we were happy to be a part of this Feast of life, moreover that it was dedicated …


“The Sausage” – the second art object created by Chisinau is Me on Sfatul Ţării, 18

06.11.2014 0

Dear citizens of Chisinau! The urban project “Chisinau is Me” continues to move forward! The company Simpals provided financial support for the creation of the second art object! …


Yellow Cab by “Chisinau Is Me”: Mateevici, 69

04.11.2014 0

Dear citizens of Chisinau! The urban project “Chisinau is Me” gathers pace! Last week we wrote that one family inspired by the project wished to remain anonymous and made a …

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