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01.06.2017 tagged as

Hey guys! Today is International Children’s Day! Today all children in the world must be the haaapiest and the most careless, because it’s already summer, because you are on holiday, because you can eat as much ice-cream as you want) You can go to the sea, to the river, to the country. You can walk, ride a bike, play footy. Freedom happiness 🙂    

Also we congratulate all our daddies and mummies!  They are lucky because they have such a wonderful kids. And these troublemakers are lucky that they have such a cool parents 🙂  Let them always be the most cheerful and grow up kind, beautiful and intelligent, because 80 brave and wonderful girls and boys are our future!  

And to remember this day, the company decided to make a present of certificates in Crafti for master classes 🙂  Dig in, take it


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