Pria E-Commerce in Moldova

09.06.2020 tagged as , , , , ,

On 10 June, Roman Stirbu, CEO of Simpals will attend “Pria E-Commerce in Moldova” – an online conference, which is crucial for today’s Moldova.


The conference is expected to have about 3,000 participants, and the topics addressed will be related to e-commerce in the present hard times and the prospects for e-commerce development in our country. Among the participants are representatives of IT, industry, healthcare and pharmaceuticals, the financial and banking system, insurance, transport, agriculture, construction and the services sector. The discussions will focus on two main topics: electronic document management and e-payment for services. As a speaker, Roman Stirbu will talk about the experience of Simpals company, will share his views on the prospects of e-commerce development in Moldova, and will point out ways to solve unobvious problems that may arise along the way.

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