Maslenitsa inda house!

16.02.2018 tagged as , ,

If someone suddenly asks you “How to make spring come faster?”, we have a solution. So, write down:

– 100-150 hungry people,

– end of the workweek,

– 1,5 tones of delicious, sweet crepes,

– good mood,

– toppings to taste 🙂


You’ve got it right, Maslenitsa has come to Simpals, so we decided that the best way to get rid off the boring winter is to treat ourselves to pancakes, surrounded by a company of friends, who at the same time are our colleagues 🙂 We ate crepes, dipping them in sour cream (for traditionalists), condensed milk (for sweet-tooths), honey (for beekeepers) and strawberry jam (for softies) 😉 We ate hot, yellow crepes, drank aromatic tea and shouted ”Come, spring!” from the balcony.


And then, after filling our bellies with crepes, we decided to act radically, according to old traditions: yelling ”Let’s burn the winter!”, we set the effigy of winter on fire 🙂 And even decided to jump over the fire 🙂



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