OpenSpice 2020

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If it happens that you don’t know what you need for complete happiness, then we can help! This year, New Year’s gifts to our friends include all the options at …


This is Maratonul de Craciun!

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On December 22, we gathered on the main square to run the seventh traditional 3 km race and to collect gifts! It wasn’t just a little warm, it was HOT …

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SONR – the new product of Garage

10.12.2019 0

Our new project, Sonr, which was created by Garage staff, conquers more users’ hearts. The US media is also interested in this project, due to the fact that Dmitri Voloshin …


Painter + Balcony + First snow

07.12.2019 0

While our Simpals Studio artistic director thinks, and there is snow on the balcony, this is the result we’re going to get 🙂 PS: the key is to capture the …

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How to raise money for a Moldovan startup? – Go into a subway

06.12.2019 0

Go into a subway 😂 Of course it’s a joke.  On December 5, a training was organized, where Sonr Moldovan startup team held a presentation to investors (alongside other “trainees”) …


“999” – 20th anniversary!

05.12.2019 0

20 years! Exactly 20 years ago the 999.md website was launched, which nowadays is used by all Moldovan residents! 🙂 Day in and day out, over 2 mln. users search …


Hey, happy “2D”ays!

02.12.2019 0

On this day, no one bathes in fountains, no one shouts: “Glory to the animation!”. Firstly, because December is too cold for bathing outside, and secondly, we operate in a …

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It’s our “Black Friday”

29.11.2019 0

If you are “addicted” to sports and are looking forward to the holidays, as well as to the new sporting season, we have great news The Sporter team invites you …



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Well, after all the “glodiators” have washed their equipment, it’s time to recall how it all happened back at the Glodiator Mud Race 2019 participation. It was running, crawling, “diving”, …

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Twice the best VR project

25.11.2019 0

In November, our cartoon “ARIPI” visited two cool American film festivals at once: in Baltimore and in Austin. Visited, attended, and conquered the “Best VR-project” nominations! Baltimore Next Media Web …

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The most detailed map of Moldova, Map.md, introduced another city

21.11.2019 0

Now users can easily navigate and find the necessary addresses in the large industrial center in the north of the left bank of Nistru: in the city of Ribnita. By …


Who is the “appropriate” staff in a company?

21.11.2019 0

Our friends from Urban Center – the Youth Educational and Leisure Center – help us in organizing events. Yesterday, a standard meeting was held in non-standard circumstances: young center attendees …

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Studii.md is the online platform for the school reform!

21.11.2019 0

Studii.md is the online platform which was designed for the electronic transfer of the main educational processes. 🎓 The project’s goal is to unite the teachers, the students and their …

BigData Times

20.11.2019 0

In the days of the Big Data craze, the issue of information security is becoming more and more relevant not only for individuals, but for companies as well. On November …

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When the “garage” is full of interesting stuff

20.11.2019 0

Even if the majority of people take the old and unnecessary stuff to the garage, Simpalsians consider it a place for innovations! 🙂 We have a department, which actively creates …

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Studii.md in Romania!

15.11.2019 0

We have great news this Friday! While some Simpalsians have a cup of coffee with biscuits, others went to conquer the world We’re talking about the Studii.md team, who will …

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We love you, Chisinau International Marathon! :)

06.11.2019 0

Drop everything now and watch the marathon aftermovie! So many happy faces! So many victories and personal records! Maybe you will see some familiar faces among the participants, or even …

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Plan B: the heating season

05.11.2019 0

Friends, our team is working on a special project called “Plan B”, which is designed to help people in emergency situations. Even if this information is just theoretical (we hope …


ARIPI. Victory tastes like maple syrup!

31.10.2019 0

Dear friends, we have some great news straight from the maple syrup and hockey country of origin! 🙂 First of all, we remind you that our VR animation, ARIPI, …


A visit to Simpals Studio – a short trip into the world of the future

30.10.2019 0

We all know how quickly children grow and how their interests change from generation to generation. More recently, children were looking forward to the weekend to watch some cartoons for …

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Studii.md is a new project!

24.09.2019 0

On September 24, the digitization of the educational process via Studii.md: online gradebooks and agendas took place. Within this event, the Studii.md team delivered a detailed presentation of the project …

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3D objects on the Moldova map!

23.09.2019 0

Map.md added 3D objects of the famous historical monuments and tourist attractions on the Chisinau and other Moldovan cities map. The 3D models can be rotated, inclined, zoomed and examined …


How they tasted wine at Simpals

20.09.2019 0

Everyone knows that Simpals is not just about large-scale projects and brilliant ideas. Simpals people know how to work productively, but they also know how to relax in a civilized …


Plan B: how to run a marathon without injuries

13.09.2019 0

Three weeks before the marathon your browser is full of search questions like “How do I run 42 km if I’ve never practiced?” or “Can I run if I got …


New design for Stiri!

13.09.2019 0

Design should be not only attractive, but also functional (and also useful, of course!). The other day, the Stiri team pleased the site users with a change in the website …

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Road director

12.09.2019 0

It’s when your boss says that you have to be able to patch any holes and he himself is (literally) going to repair roads! …

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As if it were 9 August :)

09.09.2019 0

We’ve got 3 bags of details, 1 draft and 210 people, half a salt cellar of ketchup (left from lunch) and a heap of different ideas, sedatives and all that …


Give a high five and go running!

04.09.2019 0

Do you know how to take the heat out of a busy Wednesday? 😝 Arrange for a training session! Especially that there is a reason – Chisinau International Marathon will …


Watermelon&justmelon frenzy day

19.08.2019 0

The world does not cease debate about what a watermelon is – a berry, a vegetable or a fruit. Meanwhile we at Simpals decided to postpone all existential questions until …


Elusive Matcovschi

15.08.2019 0

After so many years of working together side by side, after thousands of tasks and problems solved with the simple question: „Where’s Matcovschi?”, after so many wise jokes, constant help, …

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Happy PADREday!

09.08.2019 0

Wise people say that everything starts with an idea. A small sparkle flashing in mind grows, develops, makes people change, and those who are next to them as well. 🙂 …


La Frigărui

02.08.2019 0

When the two months of summer have passed by so quickly? And you haven’t had barbeque yet? It’s time to make a change! 😄 Therefore, in order to consider the …


Happy birthday, Madre!

31.07.2019 0

Look out! Those who are reading this post right now are going to be overwhelmed by a wave of kind words and warm messages, which are streaming to our Woman …


Simpals Childhood

13.06.2019 0

Funny animators, scientific experiments performed by the lab technician, games, contests, dances and a lot of sweets: all of this was awaiting for the young Simpalsians on the Children’s Day …

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The fast travel secret from Simpals

07.06.2019 0

How can you visit the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin and the famous Empire State Building in New York the same evening? It’s very simple. You don’t even have to buy …


Simpals is among the founding members of the Association of Electronic Companies of Moldova (ACEM)

17.05.2019 0

Moldova breaks new ground in the field of electronics: several companies engaged in the electronics industry, including Simpals SRL, have become co-founders of the Association of Electronic Companies (ACEM). The …



26.04.2019 0

Pysanka, krapanka, drapanka, krashanka! If you thought these were the notes of a mad artist, you’re wrong. These are types of decorated Easter eggs in Ukrainian tradition. How do we …

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Simpals Pajama Party

16.04.2019 0

We spent our 17th birthday in pajamas On this birthday, we decided to stray a bit from our tradition of having crazy parties and thus gave a party with no …

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VR cartoon film “ARIPI” sneak peek at Patria cinema

12.04.2019 0

Friday, 12 April, on Cosmonautics Day, Patria cinema hosted the sneak peek of the first Moldovan VR animated film “ARIPI”. Before the premiere, the creators of the project greeted the …


A week without plastic! How Simpalseans coped with the „Eco Friendly Week” challenge

25.03.2019 0

Here at Simpals we are simple, always having fun and up to mischief, and however conscientious when it is appropriate and ready to help in need. When it comes to …


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