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Frontend Conf

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The employees of our company are not only great athletes and artists. We also have some of the coolest programmers, who put up such projects, as 999.md, point.md, sporter.md, joblist.md, …


The company Simpals takes part in VeloHora!

31.05.2016 0

The company Simpals takes part in VeloHora! But we decided not only to ride, but at the same time to help those, who would really like to participate in this …


New folk character “Pacala”

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Public art project “Chisinau Is ME” has presented Chisinau with another Moldovan hero. Guess who! Pacala, the one! From now on, one of the most clever and good-natured heroes of …


Chalk board

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In our office we have a huge chalk board, on which we draw the same huge congratulations, turning the wall into a huge postcard. Before every major holiday, our artists …

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