Renewed point map as at December: 7 new cities

30.12.2015 1

Dear users of Point Map 2.0 and Point Map mobile application! We are happy to announce that works continue on improving and expanding our unique map of Moldova. The project …


Point News – a news application for your smartphone.

23.12.2015 0

Point News – is the best every day information source!!Team of the most widely read news portal in Moldova, Point.md, is pleased to introduce users to Apple iOS mobile application …


Trailer for the upcoming video about Carnival race of 2015 (Video)

21.12.2015 0

On December 20, 2015, the third Carnival race took place in Chisinau. Sunny day, the runners from a fairy tale and a variety of gifts made the Carnival race a …


Let’s help the pensioners together! The campaign „Your grandmother- my grandmother”

18.11.2015 0

  Dear friends! Moldnet network launched a new social campaign titled “Your grandmother- my grandmother”, and we, the Forum.md volunteers, decided to support it! It is not a secret …


Moldova’s the most detailed map has been improved! Please welcome — Point Map 2.0

16.11.2015 0

Dear Moldnet users. We are happy to inform you that the most detailed and popular map of Moldova, Point Map, has been improved! Besides correcting former errors, the new Point…


All shops for women are now on mama.md

05.11.2015 0

For the first time in Moldova, the first and most popular forum for women mama.md opened on its pages an online market of completely female products. Mama.md/market is an online …


Chisinau Criterium — bicycle race for survival (Photo+Results)

11.10.2015 0

11 October 2015. Sunday. Chisinau city, Moldova. + 5°C (rather cold than warm). Rain! This was how the morning of a beautiful Sunday, awaited eagerly by those who wanted to …


The Organizer of Chisinau Marathon Have Made a Statement at Kiev Marathon

28.09.2015 0

From 25 to 27 September, Kiev city hosted the Wizz Air Kyiv City Marathon 2015. 3 800 sportsmen from 34 countries of the world ran the marathon, covering distances of …


“Let’s Return the Stadium to Moldova”

27.09.2015 0

Today, 27 September, tens of amateur sportsmen and just concerned citizens have gathered next to the Republican Stadium and have protested against the sale of the former stadium territory before …


“Rules of Life” Women Self-Defense Master-Class

26.09.2015 0

On 26 September 2015, some of Simpals women employees had the perfect opportunity to attend Roman Volhva’s seminar, an experienced self-defense trainer and founder of “Rules of Life” project. In …


The Registration for Chisinau Marathon 2016 is Open

05.09.2015 0

Right now you have the possibility to register for the second International Marathon and become the hero of 2016. To register you just have to follow this link. Chisinau …



02.09.2015 0

ARBYZ Party – it’s not a foam party! This is a party after which you need foam to wash everything and everybody (that’s what we are doing the whole day …


Sport is Life! “Sneakers” are the Art-object!

20.08.2015 0

On the 14th of August the creative team of the art-project Chisinau is Me has finished creation of its 11th and most massive project. Summer has been approaching …


Foreign Students-Animators Visiting Simpals Animation Studio

28.07.2015 0

There is an organization in our country that annually invites to Moldova the students from various countries of the world united by common idea. This year such idea was animation. …


Monday is a Hard Day

02.07.2015 0

What should we do to make Monday not so hard? – Organize a corporate party! Though after that Tuesday will be even harder. But not with Simpals! Monday is perfect …


“I’m Mummy’s Craftsman!”

14.06.2015 0

On the 15th of June will open the doors the creative workshop for kids “I’m Mummy’s Craftsman” – a summer project for kids launched by mama.md.   Educating …


Matryoshka MAMA.MD Starts its Trip around Moldova

12.06.2015 0

Yesterday at the exhibition carried out within the framework of the project “Multi-national Matryoshka” at the Russian Center of Science and Culture was demonstrated Matryoshka of MAMA.MD. Here she …


Kids in the House. Edition 2.

10.06.2015 0

Some of these days we have thought and counted and got into ineffable joy! We found that our 120 simpals-participants had totally 60 kids! And as on the 1st…


The Second Stage of the Ghidighici Reservoir Preparation for Summer Took Place

10.06.2015 0

On the 9th of June to the territory o the Ghidighici Reservoir had been brought the sand for fitting the beach where each resident of Moldova can have a …


Chisinau Is ME have Took Away the Rubbish in the Parks in the Action “My Clean City – Orasul Meu Curat”

02.06.2015 0

Last Saturday, the 30th of May, caring residents of Chisinau have come to the capital’s parks with one purpose – to take away the rubbish at the recreation areas.…

Screen Shot 2015-09-02 at 3.42.10 PM

Simpals Kids and the 1st of June!

01.06.2015 0

Annually on the 1st of June we do not go to bath with our friends (we just do it on the 31st of December). Each year we gather …


The Second Life of the City Beach at the Ghidighici Reservoir!

30.05.2015 0

LET US PREPARE THE BEACH TO THE SUMMER TOGETHER! Summer has come and it is time to make it more comfortable and rememberable. It will happen due to clean-up and …


New Art-Object from Chisinau is Me: Mysterious Gate

29.05.2015 0

Spring or summer are the favorite seasons of the social project “Chisinau is Me”. Creative team has been waiting for so long for pretty warm days that it cannot retain …


Chisinau is ME has Presented a new Piece of Art at the Iarba Urbana Festival

27.05.2015 0

Last Saturday, on the 23rd of May, an amazing event took place in the capital – Eco-festival and opening of the new cultural space. It was organized by the …


Iron Environment to Iron Men!

21.05.2015 0

On 17th May two our bravehearts (Andrei Matkovsky and Vadim Jeleaskov) have covered the Half-Ironman distance in Barcelona. And on 20th May they returned to Moldova! Well, we …


Chisinau is Me at the Yardsale # 37

18.05.2015 0

Hurrah! The 37th Yardsale is over. The event was just splendid and we were happy to be a part of this Feast of life, moreover that it was dedicated …


Video in the “999” Advertisement

13.05.2015 0

Hi everybody! Everybody knows that advertisement with pictures is always more attractive than without it. On the picture you can see the goods and get how do they really look.…

новый горизонт

The “New Horizon” is conquered!

28.04.2015 0

Our Dji participates not only at sport marathons (he participated in two already!), but at the festival marathons, as well. This time Dji participated at the International festival of short …


MADE IN MOLDOVA – This Sounds Proudly!

17.04.2015 0

One of the main priorities of 999 Market is promotion of the domestic product. Today we pay special attention to this and try to enlarge the range of goods produced …


Making of “Dji. Death Sails” – Part Three

09.02.2015 0

Visualization To achieve greater flexibility at the stage of visualization, we had to use additional passes: Point Position Pass, Normals Pass (to highlight the top or bottom side of the …


Making of “Dji. Death Sails” – Part Two

07.02.2015 0

The pirate rig Our pirate is quite bulky, even so he can’t passively die of thirst. In other words he must move. In order to make this big guy move …


Making of “Dji. Death Sails”

22.01.2015 0

Pre-production Well, you can’t just breathe a sigh of relief when you finish a project. Especially if you work in an animation studio. As soon as we finished the first …

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