The premiere of our new animation film “Dji death Sails”!

30.12.2014 0

  Merry Christmas everybody and have a Happy New Year with a box full of presents! Here is our present for you. We launched the second short animated film about …


“999” Mobile App for iPhone and Android

20.11.2014 0

We’ve got good news for the users of the largest bulletin board in Moldova. We have released an official mobile app 999.md!…


First Place Again!

18.11.2014 0

The animated film “Dji. Death Fails” won again! The organizers of the online competition VOTD.tv, who invited Simpals Animation Studio to submit their film, announced voting results.…


Start-up Weekend Moldova – the 6th edition

18.11.2014 0

From 14 to 16 November another Startup Weekend is going to take place in Moldova! The event, which has already become familiar for young IT entrepreneurs, once again attracted the …


999.md of the new generation

13.11.2014 0

We are happy to announce that we’re launching a completely new version of the 999.md website. You will see “999” of the new generation!…


International Accountant’s Day

13.11.2014 0

Is there a company that could do without an accountant? Of course, there isn’t. Especially Simpals.…


“The Sausage” – the second art object created by Chisinau is Me on Sfatul Ţării, 18

06.11.2014 0

Dear citizens of Chisinau! The urban project “Chisinau is Me” continues to move forward! The company Simpals provided financial support for the creation of the second art object! …


Yellow Cab by “Chisinau Is Me”: Mateevici, 69

04.11.2014 0

Dear citizens of Chisinau! The urban project “Chisinau is Me” gathers pace! Last week we wrote that one family inspired by the project wished to remain anonymous and made a …


Hello, Halloween!

04.11.2014 0

What time of the year can you find a tombstone at your workplace? Or bump into a bat in the hall? Or get trapped in a dark office corridor together …


International Advertising Day

23.10.2014 0

On October 23, many people all over the world leave their phones and documents, tear their waybills, notebooks with creative ideas and go celebrating!…


Fantastic victory!

22.10.2014 0

So, despite the fact that the animated film “Dji. Death Fails” has been participating in different festivals for over a year, it doesn’t lose its relevance. And here’s another festival…and …


MAFIA in the house

21.10.2014 0

As the winter is drawing inexorably nearer, we held the official opening of “warm evenings”. The first evening was dedicated to gathering by candlelight.…

Screen Shot 2014-09-30 at 2.54.49 PM

Russian CG art website wrote about us!

30.09.2014 0

One of the Russian websites dedicated to computer graphics and animation became interested in our animation studio.…


В Кишинёве прошла крупнейшая велогонка страны – Chisinau Criterium.

24.09.2014 0

В воскресенье, 21 сентября, с 10.00 утра и до 15.00 дня автомобильный транспорт в Кишиневе шел в обход центра города.…


The first professional timing system in Moldova!

10.09.2014 0

  On September 21, for the first time in Moldova professional timing system will be used at the bicycle race Chisinau Criterium-2014! …


We’ve got a new look!

02.09.2014 0

Come and visit us!! Now we’re easier to find =) …

Screen Shot 2014-09-30 at 1.44.18 PM

Iron Man- Dmitri Voloshin

05.08.2014 0

The journalist of the program Istorii Urbane visited the company Simpals and made a wonderful report about sport and life, everyday work and the tomfoolery of the Simpals staff and …


Day of Airborne Troops — Simpals Summer Teambuild

02.08.2014 0

On the 1st of August the company Simpals decided to celebrate the Day of Airborne Forces under the command of Dmitri Voloshin =) So, we decided to go to the …


Sporter Weekend “Nautical Mile”

22.07.2014 0

On July 20, another Sporter Weekend took place. It was called “Nautical Mile”.…


Some international guests stopped by to say hello=)

17.07.2014 0

There is a wonderful organization in Moldova, which holds different interesting events for students from technical colleges. The organization is called BEST Chisinau. It exists since 2007. …


Chocolate Day

11.07.2014 0

Today is the International Day of extra calories=) And we decided to celebrate it exactly this way=) In fact, today is July 11 which is World Chocolate Day=) PS: In …


Computer Camp for Children “Tinco”

11.07.2014 0

TINCO, an informatics summer camp, opened on July 8. It’s organized for children from socially vulnerable families and pupils from the Boarding School № 2 from Chisinau. …


“Zebra Offline” on the Russian website

09.07.2014 0

Photos from “Zebra Offline” event held by Forum.md appeared on the popular Russian photo website BigPicture!…


What is the most important thing in animated movies?

06.07.2014 0

The animated film Dji. Death Failsreceived the award for Best Music! …


Ice Day

03.07.2014 0

The best thing that helps you survive the summer heat is …ice-cream! Especially if it’s given for free=) So today is Ice Day at Simpals! …


People of the Earth! Let the magic begin!

01.07.2014 0

While we’re finishing the second series of the animated film, Dji continues to win awards at international festivals.…


“Zebra Offline” Forum.md

17.06.2014 0

On June 15, Forum.md held the first big offline event called “Good Deeds Day: Zebra Offline”. Why is it called Good Deeds Day? Why is it striped? We shall explain …


The ranks of CG monsters have been replenished!

09.06.2014 0

Yippee!! The ranks of CG monsters have been replenished! A few days ago the students of Monsters School passed their final exams in 3D graphics basic course. …


Kids In Da House

05.06.2014 0

On the occasion of International Children’s Day, the company Simpals decided to congratulate the employees’ children and at this point we came across an interesting fact.…


The action “It’s dedicated to girls and boys…2014 ” – how it was?

02.06.2014 0

It became a tradition for us to go every year at 1st of June at the orphanage to congratulate kids that are deprived of parental love and warmth. This year …

Снимок экрана 2014-05-30 в 16.33.46

What does a compositing artist do?

30.05.2014 0

Who is a compositor? Is he the one who composes music? Or maybe he is the one who poses with compote? Of course, not=) …


It’s Fantastic!!

28.05.2014 0

We’ve got good news again! Not long ago our animated film Dji. Death Fails travelled to the USA to be presented at MisCon Short Film Festival.…


What are we doing in the office?

22.05.2014 0

Besides exotic pets the employees of the company Simpals also have some exotic entertainment =)…


Play Us a Song, Maestro!

17.05.2014 0

Now we have a Maestro in our company!!…


Return the Faith to the Veterans 2014

15.05.2014 0

This event is dedicated to the veterans of the Great Patriotic War, whom we should thank for the clear blue sky above our heads!..…

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Point.md broke its record for daily unique visitors!

15.05.2014 0

According to Google Analytics, on May 14 the information portal Point.md was visited by 119 533 unique users who viewed more than 700,000 pages. …


Morning guests visit our studio

13.05.2014 0

The younger generation of animators visited our studio yesterday! …

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Visa-free Relay Race

08.05.2014 0

On April 28, 2014 the European Union abolished visas for Moldovan citizens. This is really…great!!! So the running club “Sporter Run” decided to kill two birds with one stone: run …


Would you like a glass of Hungarian wine?

03.05.2014 0

“On The Road” Festival held in Hungary is an online festival. In other words, everyone who had Internet access could watch shortlisted films including our animated film “Dji. Death Fails”.…

Снимок экрана 2014-05-14 в 12.27.23

Another Win

23.04.2014 0

Very soon Simpals animation studio is planning to release the next short animated film about an unlucky death named Dji. …


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