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Another TV show dedicated to animated films- Istorii Urbane (TNT)

15.12.2013 0

The journalist of the program Istorii Urbane visited Simpals animation studio and spent there 3 hours instead of the usual hour and a half:) The work of the animation studio …


The online store “999” celebrates 4 years!

10.12.2013 0

Today the online store 999 celebrates its fourth birthday!!…


We are almost ready for New Year 2014!

04.12.2013 0

A new Christmas tree appeared in our office=) Actually, we have several of them. We have one beautiful tree in the reception area. No surprise, that everyone admires it and …


Sporter Weekend. A Gulp of Air- underwater adventures on the first day of winter

02.12.2013 0

Sunday, December 1, was a memorable day for the fans of underwater sports. It was the day when the first free-diving championship was held in the Republic of Moldova. It …


Sporter Weekend. Ping-Pong Day

25.11.2013 0

Sunday, 24th November, was a ping pong day. Table tennis fans gathered at the sports club Stiga at bd. Dacia 31, to take part in the table tennis tournament “Ping-Pong …

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Victory= Victories

22.11.2013 0

We’ve had so many victories that we decided to share the good news by “wholesale” =)…


The 5th Edition of SWM!

18.11.2013 0

From 15 to 17 November the fifth edition of Startup Weekend took place in Moldova. As always, the event attracted large numbers of young people who wanted to create something …


Moldovan Rocket Launched into Space!

08.11.2013 0

On November 4th, 2013 Moldovans flew into space for the first time. At 7:14 am local time, the first rocket of the Moldovan Space Office blasted off from a secret …


«StopHam Moldova» — New Edition!

07.11.2013 0

Chisinau is the capital of the Republic of Moldova which is situated in Eastern Europe. It’s a city with a rich history.…


Happy Halloween!

30.10.2013 0

By tradition, on October 30 people around the world celebrate Halloween! As the legend says, A shrewd man nicknamed “Stingy Jack“ played a trick on the Devil who cursed him …


We Made it into the Press

29.10.2013 0

There is animation in Moldova! Moreover, the works of the Moldovan animation studio Simpals are known across the world. =) If you want to know, how we came up with …


Our Day Has Come!

28.10.2013 0

Today, October 28th we celebrate International Animation Day! Our congratulations to all animators! In the meantime, we’re preparing the holiday salute made of paints, salad, champagne and computers! Let’s have …


+1 Pretty Girl in the Office

20.10.2013 0

We can’t eradicate the tradition of bringing exotic pets into our office. Here’s our new pet. This pretty girl is called Nastya (hahaha) and she lives in the office of …


In the Country of Cartoons

15.10.2013 0

Simpals Animation Studio can also be called «open door studio» =) We are often visited by children who are eager to find out how cartoons are made, eat something tasty …


The story of how Moldovans taught Russians to cook

11.10.2013 0

In July a Russian TV channel asked us to help them shoot a TV programme.…

тнт дима

Dmitri Voloshin about his passion for sports

03.10.2013 0

It’s not a secret that our director has got a new useful (thank God!) hobby =) Sports!…

тнт офис

Exotic Office of the Company Simpals

01.10.2013 0

Exotic Office of the Company Simpals
The journalist of the television programme «Istorii Urbane» on TNT paid a visit to our company.…


Hello, May I Apply For a Visa?

30.09.2013 0

The list of festivals that accepted our film for screening has been updated. We were invited to a few more animation festivals. So now we need to hurry up and …


Point Money – Now Available for Android!

26.09.2013 0

The information portal Point.md presented its new development. The currency converter loved by many users is now available not only for iPhone and iPad, but also for Androiddevices!…


“Мадам, это не мышь, слезайте со стула. Это – крыса”

23.09.2013 0

Ага, эти двое были спасены доброй девочкой Аней от питона. Питон умер от голода, зато теперь у нас живут два милых крысеныша (которые обещали вырасти в прекрасных откормленных декоративных крысок)!…


Conquering the 6th Continent!

18.09.2013 0

It’s true that our animated film has been on every continent except Australia. But now it’s just a matter of time. One of the most significant festivals in the world …


That’s a Real Festival Parade!

29.08.2013 0

We continue traveling around the world. To be more precise, it’s our animated film “Dji. Death Fails” that actually travels.…


Shortly Speaking, We Have Won!

28.08.2013 0

The animated film “Dji. Death Fails” has won the award for Best Animated Film at the festival KOROCHE!!…

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They’re Overrunning the Festivals!

28.08.2013 0

Yes, that’s about us, as we continue participating in different international festivals with our short animated film “Dji. Death Fails”. …


The Victory at the Festival!

13.08.2013 0

«Dji. Death fails » has won the Best Film award in the international category! Yes, we became the winners of the short film festival SHORTini! …


Gone to the Mountains…

02.08.2013 0

The employees of the company “Simpals” stopped using the “human” language. In their conversation they more frequently use such words, as: “equipment”, “training”, “challenge”, etc. This happens because of the …


How sports can change lives. The story of Dmitri Voloshin.

31.07.2013 0

Dmitri Voloshin is the owner of the company “Simpals”. Just year and a half ago, we could have put a period at the end of this phrase =) Of course, …


“Around the World in 80 Days”. Our version!

23.07.2013 0

Some people say that it’s impossible to see the whole world sitting on the couch. But we say that it can be done.…


“Sporter Weekend – 2″ or How we swam!

16.07.2013 0

On the 14th of July on the territory of the Ghidighici Reservoir (and namely the yacht club) we organized a wonderful holiday- the second Sporter Weekend. What did we do? …


“Live from the Couch” — a new video project

08.07.2013 0

A creative company must be creative in everything. Maybe, this was the reason why the project “Live from the Counch”was created.…


More Good News!

11.06.2013 0

We have already mentioned that the world community spoke very favorably of our animated film “Dji. Death fails”. It makes us really happy! Now we’d like to present you another …


Sporter Weekend took place!

10.06.2013 0

“Sporter Weekend” or “500 thousand centimeters”. That was the name of the event, which was held on the 9th of June in the park Valea Morilor. The organizers of the …


A New Pet

01.05.2013 0

We hired one more girl and put her at once into the terrarium cage. =) We’re joking! We love girls, but now in our office appeared……


There can’t be too many festivals!

18.04.2013 0

On November 4, 2012 Simpals animation studio released the short animated film “Dji. Death fails” which won the sympathy of the audience not only in Moldova, but also in other …


Monsters School Website entered the Runet Top 10

17.04.2013 0

We have won the first place! A very pleasant surprise! How did it happen?…


Happy Birthday!

01.04.2013 0

On the 1st of April we celebrate the birthday of Simpals! We know, that on this day people in the whole world celebrate All Fools’ day. All coincidences in this …


Informational doping is allowed!

01.04.2013 0

The company Simpals launched a new project- a sports social network sporter.md!…


Map Update

01.04.2013 0

We have updated the map on the website point.md!…

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The wedding must be perfect!

01.04.2013 0

The business incubator Simpals Garage is ready to share the fruits of its labour. We’re launching the portal marry.md. Now it’s much easier to organize an ideal wedding! The …

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We’re going to the “Cannes of Animation”!

28.03.2013 0

Yes, it’s not a mistake. The animated film “Dji. Death fails” was selected for screening at the biggest animation film festival Annecy International Animation Film Festival 2013, which takes place …


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