Simpals Garage – 2011 Totals!

31.12.2011 0

The end of the year in Simpals Garage – it’s time for totals.…


Online shop 999 – 2 years with you

14.12.2011 0

The largest online store of the Moldnet is two years old now.  All this time, we have not been standing still. …

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The video – Business Complet

07.12.2011 0

We had finished working on the video ad “Business Complet”, made for the Moldcell Company.…



01.12.2011 0

A lot of time has passed since the launch of the first Moldovan information portal which works according to the principle “all, in one place”.…


Startup Weekend Moldova – summary!

16.11.2011 0

On November 11-13 in Moldova, took place an important event in the IT-sphere — Startup Weekend Moldova. One of the co-organizer of this international competition was and our startup incubator …


Startup Weekend Moldova – less talk, more action!

11.11.2011 0

For two weeks Moldnet has been discussing an upcoming event which is so long awaited — Startup Weekend is coming to Moldova! Event will take place on 11-13 of November.…


Bloggers and offline @ “Simpals Garage”

01.11.2011 0

Last week we organized an offline with moldnet bloggers. We invited them to tell more about «Simpals Garage», to answer the questions that have arisen during on month from the …


Khmelnitsky team tournament of the game "Mafia"

17.10.2011 0

Between 15 and 16 October 2011 was held the Khmelnitsky team tournament. This event was attended by the top teams from all over Ukraine, as well as two teams from …


«Simpals Garage» – Сrash Test №1

11.10.2011 0

Last Saturday, October 9, in one of the city’s restaurants, took place the first startup Crash Test within the «Simpals Garage» project. …

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The video – Let the adventure begin

10.10.2011 0

We had finished working on the video ad «Let the adventure begin». It is breathtaking ad which conveys the details of the campaign organized by Efes. …


Today “Simpals Garage” opens its “gates”!

28.09.2011 0

«Simpals Garage» – this is a startup incubator, where people come with their ideas, and in exchange for share in the project receive investment of up to $ 40 000, …


Teambuilding in Trebujeni

23.09.2011 0

We have decided to unite our staff in Trebujeni, in the middle of nature with clear air and a pleasant socializing. Soccer in the Moldovan interpretation, Chinese lanterns on the …


The new version of the Point map (v1.03)

14.09.2011 0

Today we had launched the new version of Point map – v1.03! Now the service becomes even more convenient.…


Live broadcasts from Turkey for the Tez Tour

27.07.2011 0

We had organized the relay broadcasts from Turkey for the travel company TezTour. Our major platforms – 999.md, play.md, point.md, forum.md – had participated in the project…


"The Jurassic Period Mafia" – Kiev team tournament in a Water Park

24.07.2011 0

On July 24, had been organized an event of the game “Mafia” for which was leased the largest water park in Ukraine.…


The first championship of the game "Mafia" in Moldova

17.07.2011 0

On July 17, was held the first championship of the game “Mafia” in Moldova. One of the tournament’s features was that the game took place according to professional rules.…

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The video ad "Included Minutes" for the Moldcell Company

06.07.2011 0

We had finished working on the commercial “Included minutes” for the Moldcell Company. In this video we had managed to accessibly reflect the idea and to tell the customers about …


The online shop 999: had appeared the Online Application

22.06.2011 0

The online shop 999.md had added a new option – online application. The new feature had simplified the system of credit.…

Eaglets learn to fly

15.06.2011 0

About 2D Pro. Time is going by. It seems that not so long ago we talked about the first enrollment to Monsters School and showed the characters created in the …


The "Mafia" project participated at the tournament in Odessa

05.06.2011 0

On June 5 2011, the players Chisinau club “Mafia” had participated at the game tournament in Odessa.…


June 1, 2011 "Dedicated to boys and girls" FORUM.MD

01.06.2011 0

June 1 – International Children’s Day! Continuing the annual campaign, dedicated to this holiday, we again want to gather caring people who want to give a piece of their heat …


Agile comes out of the underground! The first historic meeting of Agile Moldova

31.05.2011 0

You can take part to the first historic meeting community Agile Moldova. We invite all those who are interested in flexible software development on a free event – Agile Evening!…

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The new video ad "One fun partizan"

16.05.2011 0

A colorful, juicy movie, revealing details of the promotional campaign from the «Exotic» juice.…

Who lives in the wagon?

14.04.2011 0

Today we’d like to tell you about one more character, the one who lives in the wagon, considers it his own home and would never exchange it for any riches.…


Teambuilding Simpals 2011 Skyland

01.04.2011 0

What could be better than an active rest in the middle of nature? Team contests, lotteries, extreme, fire and guitar songs, the charm of living in a camp, and much …


The attendance of the portal Point.md beats records

17.03.2011 0

According to Google analytics, in the last 7 days the information portal Point.md has improved its attendance by increasing the number of unique visitors by 36%.…

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Online Shop 999: The range of products increases from 7,000 to 10,000 units

15.03.2011 0

The collaborators of the online store Shop 999 aim to provide the widest range of products for their customers. …


The charity concert "Surprizele Martisorului"

11.03.2011 0

On March 11 was held the charity concert “Surprizele Martisorului”, organized by the “Asociatia Internationala a Entiilor” and the Association of Roma from the City Hall of Chisinau “Sinti”.…


In School for the First Time

21.02.2011 0

The first basic courses at our Monsters School have flown by, the exams have ended, all graduation works have been assessed, and we’re ready to draw some conclusions. …


New characters

31.01.2011 0

Good day everyone! Currently we’re working fruitfully on the script for the full-length film. …


Internet Shop 999: Appears the Credit Section

15.01.2011 0

The online store Shop 999 launches credit department! This will allow us to serve our customers more efficient in terms of credit, as well as to optimize the procedure for …


We have launched the iPhone and iPad version of the Point Map on Appstore

05.01.2011 0

Dedicated for Apple users – the Point Map application for iPhone and iPad.…

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