23.12.2010 0

Вы еще не устали от индюков, перьев и всяких технических терминов? Наверняка да. Кроме персонажей, аниматоров и прочих нужных для мультфильма вещей, есть еще и какие-то чудные и загадочные места.…


We’ve launched the site of the tour operator Crazy Travel

15.11.2010 0

We’ve launched the site of the tour operator Crazy Travel. The site turned out bright and functional and, at the same time easy to use. Here you can learn more …


Turkey Ilo. Wings, legs, tail…

15.11.2010 1

It has been a long time since we wrote about our characters. Time to make up for it. Today we’ll continue our conversation about the turkey Ilo.…


Where do Monsters come from?

15.10.2010 0

Today we’ll talk about monsters. Which exactly? About various ones.…


We’ve launched the site of the water "OM"

14.10.2010 0

We had finished working on the site of the water OM. The idea: we were able to create an online platform, which reflects the features of the product – water …


"Gypsy" will be full-length!

29.09.2010 0

(blowing dust off the blog) Hello, our dear ones. We are sure that many of you thought that our project had totally kicked the bucket.And they were terribly wrong.…


We had opened a School of monsters of computer graphics and animation: Monsters.md

09.09.2010 0

The idea of creation of a School of computer graphics and animation came not by chance. Computer Graphics are today at the peak of popularity.…


The replenishment of the 999.md account via bank cards

09.08.2010 0

Now, the refill of 999.md account became possible through the Internet, using the bank card. …


OFFline “The wet off IV” FORUM.MD

17.07.2010 0

After a long lull, we hasten to inform you that on Saturday at 15:00 July 17, 2010 in Niagara Orange Club will host the fourth official Wet Off!…


The new video ad for Unite

12.07.2010 0

A specific feature of this movie is that it had combined computer graphics and live recording. …

We have launched the contest of the World Football Championship 2010 on Forum.md

11.06.2010 0

For all the fans that are eagerly waiting for the matches of the World Cup 2010, we have launched a contest of forecasting games on Forum.md. …


We’ve created the site for the International hospital Medpark

10.06.2010 0

We’ve launched the website of the International Hospital Medpark, which will be the largest private hospital in the Republic of Moldova, offering a wide range of medical services in specialized …


The new video ad "Lafarge"

14.05.2010 0

The new video for the company “Lafarge” is a prime example of the Stop Motion technology. If anyone doesn’t know, is a method of time-lapse photography, and then, pasting the …


The new commercial for Viva

26.04.2010 0

We have made a new video ad for the water “Viva”. What is remarkable is that it is completely made in 3D, even the hand that breaks the old label.…


We’ve launched the project Mafia.md

15.04.2010 0

We’ve launched the project Mafia.md Mafia – a team psychological role-playing game with a detective script, which simulates the fighting of the members of organized minority with unorganized majority.…


The new version of Forum.md

01.04.2010 0

  What new can be found in the new, 6th version: Point ID, Rating.…


The new "residence" of Simpals – the office on Neculce 5

16.03.2010 0

We are again changing our “residence”: Simpals moved to a new office situated on st. Neculce 5…


The new online map of the routes on Point.md

03.02.2010 0

Every day we have to make various trips within the city or outside it. The most pressing issues are related to how to get to a particular place, if the …

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