Do you want a gift?

28.12.2009 0

Once we asked our painters a very important, to our opinion, question. It was the following:”What gifts would you like to get for the New Year, but not money”? …

The map of Moldova, now on your website

18.12.2009 0

Now you can add a dynamic map of Moldova to your site.…

We’ve launched the online store 999

15.12.2009 0

  The online store “999” is a new project of 999.md. Now we propose to expand your opportunities on the internet – to shop from the comfort of home. We …


Festivals. Anim Est. Romania.

19.10.2009 0

While you are thinking about the script for the third picture (cartoon) and animators are working on the cartoon, I decided not to disturb them and not to lose time …

The new map of Moldova, Chisinau and Balti on Point.md

14.10.2009 0

By the day of the city, we have prepared a gift for all the citizens of Chisinau and other cities of Moldova. This is a new map of Moldova, developed …


We’ve launched the promo-site Amigos.md: The Mexicans are in the town

11.09.2009 0

“Hola Amigos!!! I am Diego! I came from Mexico “- that’s how starts the appeal of the Mexican Diego. Amigos.md is a promotional site for the drink LasFrutas.…

New season: Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels

10.09.2009 0

So and the summer ended.  Long time ago, scientists proved that during holidays people grow foolish. During the summer holidays – this is happening doubly.…

The new version of 999.md

10.07.2009 0

The new version 999.md, the service gets better and better!…


June 1 "Dedicated to boys and girls…" 2009 – FORUM.MD

01.06.2009 0

June 1 – International Children’s Day! On this day, adults try to pay more attention to their children, to create a little holiday for them. But there are children who …

The new mobile version of the 999.md and Drive.md

11.05.2009 0

We’ve launched the new mobile version of 999.md and Drive.md. In the new version, you will find the traditional laconic menu in an improved form and the search bar, which …


Simpals made the clip HORA DIN MOLDOVA with all Moldova

08.05.2009 0

Moldova is ready for “Eurovision”! The video for Nelly Ciobanu song «Hora din Moldova» is finished. Simpals, Orange and Teleradio Moldova would like to thank all Moldovan citizens for having …


The new commercial for MaxDSL Brio

01.05.2009 0

We’ve developed a new concept for MaxDSL packages: These are superheroes… The clip reveals the details of the service in an interactive form. Maxdsl Brio from simpals on Vimeo.…


Let’s dance a Hora with whole Moldova!

18.04.2009 0

We are going to the “Eurovision” with an awesome clip! That’s how the organizers of the “Eurovision” in Moldova – the public company Teleradio-Moldova and the Orange Company – call …

We’ve launched the first correct auction in Moldova

01.04.2009 0

“I bought an iPod for 129 lei 20 bani!! And swan ridibundus for 17 lei 30 bani 😛 Puff! Puff!!!1» From the April 1 you also can show off! And …


April Fools’ Day

01.04.2009 0

First of April is a very happy day for us. This is the day when we happily discharge someone, send somebody to buy some vodka and do not return him …


When the cartoon will be released?

12.03.2009 0

In our comments to every blog note, we get from five to fifty questions like “When the cartoon will be released?” In everyday life for people involved in the project, …


Inverted greeting card

19.02.2009 0

Ну что ж, судя по комментариям и отзывам о нашей первой поздравительной видео-открытке про Цыгана, можно предположить, что большинству она понравилась. …


A post card for you- sign!

28.01.2009 0

Firstly, we decided to act like all progressive internet communities. Namely- to steal a post card from internet, write “Happy New Year to everybody!” and think that everything is ok.…

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