Drive.md 2010

We’ve launched the new version of Drive.md

30.12.2008 0

The SIMPALS Company has launched December 30, 2008 a new version of the auto portal Drive.md.…


The award of the internet television Play.md

28.12.2008 0

The metropolitan network of cafés “Coffee House” has awarded the Internet TV Play.md with an honorary diploma of the winner for the development of the culture of coffee consumption in …

The new office on Puskin 5

21.12.2008 0

Our company is moving to a new office situated on st. Puskin 5. Now the number of Simpals employees has reached 42 people.…


Animatic is the son of the animator…

17.12.2008 0

The conversation in our office more and more doesn’t sound like human talking. Words like “Animatic” “Plan”, “Close shot”, “Distant shot”, “Medium shot” and the rest. At one moment, we …


The MaxDSL commercials "Grannies-2"

10.12.2008 0

Our grannies have become so popular in the ranks of Internet users, so we decided to continue the story. Now, our advanced grannies are not gossiping on the bench before …


Who’s the home head?

28.11.2008 0

Gojo didn’t have to wait too long to have his family gathered. Soon after the image of Gojo’s son appeared the image of his wife, Zara.…


Did you ever act in a cartoon?

24.11.2008 0

Did you ever act in a cartoon? I guess everyone is familiar with this famous funny quotation. But like every joke, this one has also a small part of joke …


Shall the color bright!

13.11.2008 0

Well, it is time to bring to an end the three dimensional work over the appearance of our main character. Everything is almost ready: there is a pattern, a structure …


Come on guys, harness horses!

27.10.2008 0

In our previous posts we wrote about the cartoon’s new character, the horse Butze, whose exterior, spurred a lot of controversy. Now, it is the time to bring the horse …


Small but strong.

15.10.2008 0

Well, we finally have the long-awaited new member in Gojo’s family. After long search, he now, with our help has the eight-year old son. He already plays violin pretty well; …


If you see a river drawn on a picture…

07.10.2008 0

If you see, that on a painting A painter drew a stream Or a fir-tree with white frosting Or an orchard there has been Or a snowy plain with clouds…


Cloth simulation

30.09.2008 0

So, all the movements of the three-dimensional character are ready, but still something is missing… We lack gentle summer breeze, which flaps the curtains of our wagon.…


Getting old – is fun!

23.09.2008 0

We continue to familiarize you with heroes of our cartoon. Get to know: – Grandfather Baro- Blogs readers, blog readers- Grandfather Baro.…


Promo.md at the international conference "Internet Business’ 2008"

19.09.2008 0

On September 19, 2008 in Kiev, was held the VIII International Conference “International Business” 2008″. The main topic: “Internet advertising – a new round of development of the business.”…

We’ve launched the site of Microsoft Office 2007 for Home and School

18.09.2008 0

We’ve launched a promotional site for Microsoft Moldova: Microsoft Office for home and school, now you have the software that will help you solve the necessary tasks, or to easier …


First step.

11.09.2008 0

First step. Well, after we have the wagon and the work on the model, rig and skin of the gypsy is finished, the time has come to try all this …


The MaxDSL commercial “Grannies”

01.09.2008 0

The grannies from the commercial for the company Moldtelecom had started to speak in our language, the language of the Internet users. They started to “Google” actively and to “hang” …

Death:Moldavian style

01.09.2008 0

– Lets bet that you won’t pass this bridge?- winked the stranger – Chut. It is flimsy and reeling. And it is high under it. – waved away the Hero. …


Visit to the Minotaur

25.08.2008 0

Have you ever been called by a heaven being? Let us suppose, you are young producer and suddenly your phone is ringing. You pick it up, and hear “Hello, this …


Horses without coats. As they are.

20.08.2008 0

Horse in a coat, guffaw like a horse, dappled horse, Chief Crazy Horse, at last… All the well-known images at first promised us an easy task, similar to making a …


Skinning and Rigging. Odd…

16.08.2008 0

After our character was modeled and textured the time has come to make him move.…

The joint service Promo.md and Microsoft Moldova

15.08.2008 0

The company Microsoft Moldova has launched in the affiliate program www.mscenter.md, new kind of rewards: advertising on the site Promo.md.…


One more step towards reality – texturing

13.08.2008 0

When a model of a character is ready we can start texturing it. Texture – is an image laid over the surface of 3D model in order to add surface …


The Gypsy’s wagon

05.08.2008 0

The Gypsy’s wagon is one of the important characters of our cartoon that is why we gave special priority to it.…


Dot, dot, comma, dash

01.08.2008 0

Storyboard — is the sequence of drawings, serving as an object lesson of the future cartoon, so to say its paper version. It helps the director to plan the scenes …


Turkey ILO

29.07.2008 0

Hey-ho! We have finished the creation of Ilo’s image!…


The Gypsy Baron Said “Yes!”

28.07.2008 0

On weekend we went to Soroca to meet the gypsy baron Arthur Mircea-Mihai Cerari. The purpose of our visit was to receive the approval of Roma people for the script …


We continue. The second stage – modeling of the character.

23.07.2008 0

After the character is approved on the paper and its plasticine model is ready, the 3D modeling can be started. This process is not less complicated and labor intensive than …


The final image of Gojo

19.07.2008 0

After the approval of the sketch, the character gets to the sculptor (see previous post) and the artist. The artist colors the character in a graphic editor, adds details and …


Placticine model of the character

15.07.2008 0

The next development stage of the character- the model from plasticine or clay. It is necessary for developmental work at the details and 3D modeler which will create the 3D …


Birth of hero

10.07.2008 0

After hard and long battles between painters-stage manager and producer was born our gypsy, Gojo.…


We launched the blog “The Gypsy”

04.07.2008 0

We launched the blog of the project. And not a simple blog, it is a direction about how o make a 3D cartoon. …


Project management system

15.06.2008 0

For work at such difficult project we can do without the project management system. Project management system –it is a soft, that allows us to manage the projects, distributing the …


The Script

04.06.2008 0

Time influence- everything starts from a phone call. The call from Master didn’t bode something bad but it was unusual because he called me rarely. …

The time of change came

02.06.2008 0

I was driving to the work today in the morning. Suddenly I understood that I don’t want to go there, that I am not interesed simply to make a qualitative …

Play.md had broadcasted the Finals of the Moldova Football Cup

21.05.2008 0

On May 20, on the Zimbru Chisinau stadium, took place the Finals of the Moldova Football Cup The game was attended by club team FC Nistru Otaci and FC Sheriff.…


We’ve launched the Textual advertising on Promo.md

15.05.2008 0

Text Ads – a type of online advertising, promotional text ad, which is integrated into a common text on a Web page, and it looks as its integral part.…

We’ve designed the Internet television for Stream-TV

01.05.2008 0

SIMPALS had developed an internet television for the Russian company “Stream -Content”, which will be launched in the next few days at play.stream.ru.…


The new commercial of MaxDSL Nano for Moldtelecom

20.04.2008 0

Photo-realistic graphics in this video demonstrates the next step in Moldovan 3D industry. The maximum similarity of the virtual ants with their natural prototypes helped to exactly convey the idea …

Promo.md had held a seminar on online advertising at Cominfo’ 2008

18.04.2008 0

The purpose of the seminar was to provide practical information about the effective use of Internet technologies and Internet resources in the activities of a modern company.…


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