Yestoday 1

19.12.2004 0

Venue — Art Club. Date — 19 December 2004 Time -19:00. The program lasts for 2 hours. Attention: Only for residents of YES.MD with printed badges.…


Forum.md – the internet project of the year

15.11.2004 0

Forum.md was names the internet project of the year.…


Yes.md is launched

15.10.2004 0

October 15, 2004 – we’ve launched the online game yes.md. It is an unusual project for Moldnet, but we hope everyone will enjoy it. The feature of our community game …


OFFline 15 – cinema-Patriot Forum.md

14.08.2004 0

On August 14, Forum goes to the night session to the Patria cinema and gives the first 20 comers FREE tickets to the movies: “Night Watch”, “From 13 to 30”, …

Office on the street Yablochkina, 5

05.08.2004 0

We moved to a new office on the street. Yablochkina, № 5. Number of employees of the company «Simpals» increased to 18 people. We are growing!…


OFFline 14.2 – “From Dusk Till Dawn” or “The venue cannot be changed” FORUM.MD

24.07.2004 0

Where it was: The continuation of the OFFLINE 14.2 was entitled, “From Dusk Till Dawn 2”. Also, because of numerous proposals we decided to hold it at one of the …


OFFline 14 – from Dusk Till Dawn or the wet offline FORUM.MD

10.07.2004 0

Where it was: Because of numerous proposals, we decided to hold the OFFLINE 14, entitled, “From Dusk Till Dawn” at one of the most attractive clubs for recreation and entertainment…


OFFline 13 – Bowling FORUM.MD

06.06.2004 0

The official report of the bowling-offline: It was the official XIII’Th offline FORUM.MD and we spent it at the bowling club Miami. Initially, we wanted to go to the casino, …


OFFline 12.1 – Liter ball FORUM.MD

04.06.2004 0

The official report of the liter ball: Report of the liter ball championship between the participants of FORUM.MD on Friday, June 4, 2004. The venue for the championship was “Toad” …


Cronograf 2004

01.05.2004 0

At the International Documentary Film Festival — Cronograf 2004, the Simpals Company was awarded with a second-degree diploma for the clip, made for the O-Zone band — «Ma innec in …



01.05.2004 0

master: Yes, it will take place on the 1st of March. On the day of solidarity of all those who work hard on forum! It will be a “mayovka”, somewhere …


The new design of Forum.md

19.04.2004 0

April 19, 2004 – cheers to the version 4.4 – we’ve changed the design of Forum.md!…

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