A New Pet

We hired one more girl and put her at once into the terrarium cage. =) We’re joking! We love girls, but now in our office appeared…

The Little Bead.
We’ve got many different animals living under the roof and now the Little Bead joined the company of Grun, Python, turtles, Shunya and Syrop (yes, the chameleon was renamed).

What is she like and how to eat her?

Well, we’re definitely not going to eat her as there is actually nothing to eat. In general, the Little Bead is a gecko. A very cute gecko. She lives at the reception desk.




What do geckos eat? We think, they can be fed with positive emotions that they cause. But experts say the opposite: geckos usually eat grasshoppers and beetle larvae.

Ok, the Little Bead, eat, chew, drink, sleep under the coconut tree, live in Simpals!

(Why is she called the Little Bead? Well, it’s not quite clear)

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