YESTODAY-IV or “Recall everything…”
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13 May 2005

YESTODAY-IV or “Recall all…”By the way, we didn’t manage to “Recall all”, but there was something that we didn’t forgot.Today, we already cannot be afraid of anything, the FOURTH meeting of the residents of YES.MD “Friday the 13’Th” had passed. And it was like that…

Nearly to eight o’clock, rare groups of residents of were coming towards the Sabbath. The expectations to see otherworldly force is not justified, all residents have come in their human form, and many kept it until midnight.There were no signs of misfortunes and incredible events. Residents had politely offered their hands, as carriers of red threads and were smiling sweet to the assurances of cashiers that these threads will protect residents on Friday, the 13th.About ten o’clock, the residents of got used to the new surroundings. Nobody wanted to dance, most of them were thirsty. All of them were drinking at the bar.After the second contest with Devil’s tights, it was clear that the acclimatization was successful: 200 YESers were running restless, communicating, jumping, pushing each other, smiling and reading the nicknames from the badges of the passing people. Nearly eleven o’clock on the dance floor was all those who could still stand on their feet, or those who weren’t glued to chair by the evil spirits. People wound up and even undressed, of course, on a contest basis. Generally, the undressing becomes a good tradition of Yestoday’s!The witches’ Sabbath was fun. I don’t know if they had put some spells on the marks, but they surely did it on nature, provoking an earthquake with 5 points intensity at 04:53. Some said that the earthquake was provoked by the frustration of the people because of the early ending of the party. The state apologizes and promises to not repeat such mistakes in future.P.S. Everyone who is trying to restore the details of this FOURTH offline, we recommend them to do this with photos. Good luck!

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