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25 April 2016

We have launched a new service, which is an important step towards increased security of transactions on 999.md – “Verified Account”.

What is a “verified account”?

Verified account is the status, which means that the user has provided the web-site administration his personal information and authenticated his identity.

Why do we need this status?

If you are an active user of 999.md or are circulating your business on our website, this status will result in higher trust from users. This is due to the fact that the verified account means that the user is open and not afraid to give his personal data. In addition, users, against which complaints will be received, as well as all suspicious accounts will go through the forced checking procedure. Moreover, before the check is completed, they will not be able to submit their ads.

How can I understand that the user has such status?

A special icon in green will appear next to the User, thus indicating that the he passed the checking procedure.

Ok, how do I get the “verified account” status?

You will have to make three steps. First, take a picture of you with your passport in your hands. Secondly, sign an agreement that allows processing the user’s personal data. And third, send these data for a review. Consideration of the request takes not more than a day.

You may do it here

I satisfied the conditions. Is it safe?

Personal data will be used in the resources of Simpals Ltd. and will not be disclosed to third parties, except as required by applicable law. All data will be encrypted and protected. None of the users will be able to see your personal data, or the agreement on the personal data processing.

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