Targeting Specialist
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Sonr • Full-time • Office

● experience as a Targetologist from 1 year;

● knowledge of Facebook ads, Google ads;

● knowledge of tools to work with social networks;

● knowledge of the basic concepts and terms of marketing (sales funnel, CPA, etc.);

●Basic skills of marketing campaign planning and analysis (SWOT, mind maps, business model analysis);

● Fluency in English (B1-B2);


● Determine target audience for the business;

● Develop advertising campaign strategies;

● Discuss headlines, advertising images, and slogans with the product team;

● Set up targeting advertising in social networks;

● Work with web analytics services;

● Analyze preliminary data, make adjustments to the campaign as we go along;

● Analyze the number of leads, the number of sold deals, total advertising revenue.

What will be an advantage

● Experience with Amazon.

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