Sales Manager (Sporter)
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Simpals • Full-time • Office/Remote

Simpals is the largest classifieds platform, a detailed map of Moldova, wonderful cartoons, fresh news, effective advertising, city greening and coloring, useful forums, and the most grandiose sports events in the country.

  • 3 years of sales experience (preferably in the field of sports events or event organization);
  • Language proficiency in Russian, Romanian, and English (B1 level);
  • Ability to develop and implement sales strategies;
  • Experience with CRM systems;
  • Willingness to work in a dynamic and rapidly changing environment;
  • Understanding of the sports industry and an interest in sports;
  • Analytical abilities for market and competitor assessment.
  • Selling participations and sponsorship packages for sports events;
  • Searching for and establishing partnership relationships with organizations and companies interested in sponsoring sports events;
  • Market and competitor analysis;
  • Involvement in the development and implementation of marketing campaigns.
  • Organizing and coordinating the sales process and customer participation in the event.
Sporter’s mission is to develop amateur sports and healthy lifestyles in Moldova. For this purpose, the organization annually conducts various sporting events for professional and amateur athletes.
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