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Simpals • Full-time • Office/Remote

Simpals is the largest classifieds board, detailed map of Moldova, cool cartoons, fresh news, effective advertising, city greening and coloring, useful forums and the greatest sporting events in the country.

  • At least 2 years of product design experience;
  • Experience in designing, supporting and integrating tokenized systems;
  • Knowledge and understanding of atomic design principles;
  • Experience in formulating hypotheses and testing them through research;
  • Ability to create instructions for designers and documentation for developers;
  • Technical knowledge and ability to efficiently interact with developers;
  • A relevant portfolio showcasing your skills.
  • Develop, maintain and integrate cross-platform token-based design system;
  • Optimize and maintain a styles library;
  • Create, optimize and refactor design system components;
  • Conduct research to redesign components to meet business objectives;
  • Organize the design system using atomic design principles;
  • Describing instructions and documentation for use of components;
  • Perform design evaluations and track the correctness of design system implementation;
  • Redesign the interface based on the design system.
Simpals is the largest classifieds board and the latest news, cool cartoons and the Chisinau Marathon, electronic diaries, and transparent public acquisition. Simpals is a painted city and new green parks, innovative products, world records and world-famous start-ups, and many other things that make life better and easier day by day.
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