Middle Hardware Engineer
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Simpals • Full-time • Office
  •     Experience in selection of element base and software architecture – microprocessor and communication modules, input-output modules.
  •     Experience of working with CAD packages Altium Designer, Easy EDA, KiCad EDA, Multisim Circuit Simulator, Proteus Design Suite or willing to switch from other CAD packages.
  •     Experience with microcontrollers (AVR, ARM).
  •     Understanding of standard digital interfaces (SPI, I2C, UART, etc.).
  •     Experience of working with microcontroller-PC communication protocols.
  •     Experience in PCB topology design.
  • Experience of interaction with software engineers, task setting, experience in working with version control systems (GIT, SVN).
  •     Experience in layout, debugging and pre-testing of equipment under development.
  •     Understanding of soldering technology, assembly and testing of electronic prototypes.
  •     Participation in acceptance testing in industrial production of electronic devices.
  •     Experience in drafting and executing technical documents.
  •     English language skills to the extent necessary to read technical literature in the field.
  • Develop technical requirements.
  • Calculate uncertainties, value ranges, performance requirements, channel bandwidth, voltage levels and other technical parameters as part of customer specifications.
  •     Create prototypes of electronic circuit boards.
  • Produce prototypes of electronic design parts that require verification and validation of performance. Quickly assemble a circuit design on mock-up boards and see if the basic functions work. Based on prototyping results, determine whether or not the design is feasible.
  • Develop electronic design.
  • Prepare documentation for electronics fabrication: schematic diagrams of boards, schematic diagram of interconnecting boards, BOM file, layout files, dimensional drawing or 3D model of the board, assembly drawing.
  • Produce samples.
  • Check the developed technical solutions in action. Select the fastest and cheapest ways to produce samples suitable for single production.
  •     Conduct EVT-tests.
  •     Check the developed device for all technical and product requirements. Perform basic tests: functional test, quality functional test, stress test, compatibility tests, reliability test.
What will be an advantage
  1. B1 proficiency in English.
  2. Programming skills: reading firmware code, simulating operation and programming algorithms.
Garage generates ideas for innovative devices and implements them.
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