Junior/Middle Product Manager
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Simpals • Full-time • Office
  • Have experience as a project manager or marketer.
  • Communicate not only on the basis of metrics, but also in business language (your job is to turn marketing budgets into deals).
  • Have a thorough knowledge of digital marketing.
  • Be able to research market needs and conduct user interviews, create User Story and Job Story.
  • Conduct market research and identify target audiences
  • Be able to manage the product (generate and test hypotheses, create a sales funnel, find growth points, understand unit economics)
  • Work on product strategy and promotion (research target audience and product market fit, marketing publication plan, develop features for B2B and B2C segment)
  • Promote the product using multiple marketing tools
  • Work with metrics and analytical tools
Simpals is the largest classifieds board and the latest news, cool cartoons and the Chisinau Marathon, electronic diaries, and transparent public acquisition. Simpals is a painted city and new green parks, innovative products, world records and world-famous start-ups, and many other things that make life better and easier day by day.
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