Startup Weekend Moldova. The 3rd edition.
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20 November 2012

The third Startup Weekend took place from 16 to 18 November. Find out who won, what projects were presented and who was invited to the business incubator Simpals Garage.

Brief statistics. 3 days. >30 ideas, 13 of which passed the stage of voting and forming teams. 7 judges. About 80 people working in teams. And only 4 winners.

In order not to sound unfounded, we’ll present the list of ideas that were presented at the end of the third day.

1. Task it – a website where any person can offer a service in exchange for a service. I do your hair and you write an essay for me. As a payment method, you can use “Credits” or quid pro quo.

2. Job it – doing a certain job for money. Those who don’t want or can’t perform a certain activity for some reason, offer money for someone else to do the job. For example:
– I have no time to walk the dog tomorrow night. Do it for me. Price- 20 lei.
– Need to write a report on the following topic. Price- 150 lei.

3. Social Gift – online donations (money, gifts) for orphans in Moldova.

4. AdAstra – a website for students, looking for an opportunity to improve their skills. The emphasis is not on the money, but on the advanced training in famous companies.

5. Rezarvari – booking any kinds of tickets. Bus, train, restaurant, cinema, concert, etc.

6. – online reservation of cemetery lots, panoramic view, funeral services. This website includes if not everything then almost everything connected with funerals.

7. GoodWin– interface builder, an application for Windows, which allows developers to create graphical user interfaces for applications.

8. Arty Sun – a website for those, who want to buy a hand-made product manufactured in Moldova.

9. – a website, where anyone can calculate how much and how he can save some money. Expenditure items include: television, mobile communication, Internet and so on.

10. EzBizi (“easy busy”) – online consultation on business projects. Do you run your own a business or want to start one? EzBizi will help you!

11. VideoInfoGraphics – a program for creating video on the basis of slides with an emphasis on the ease of use. “Even your grandma can use this program”.

12. Buddy Trainer – a mobile application for lazy-bones. A reminder that it’s time to do some exercises for you intellectual abilities: memory, grammar, IQ and so on.

13. Rapid Board – an application for designers and clients. Online conferences that give you the possibility to make changes in real time.

The mentors of Simpals Garage worked closely with all the teams. They will tell you themselves who impressed them most.

Dmitri Voloshin: “Of course, we liked the guys from The idea is fresh for Moldova. This project evoked emotions. During the whole Startup Weekend it was talked about and even after the event it’s actively discussed. It’s a bright project. Moreover, it covers its expenses. So why not lauch it?

Who else would I single out? This would be Social Gift project. It’s useful for Moldova as we have many people in need. By the way, we have a lot of companies (including Simpals) who are happy to donate the necessary things to vulnerable social groups. But occasionally we are confronted with the fact that we don’t know whom and how to help. We’d be glad to take this project under the wing, without expecting a profit.
Also, I’d like to say a couple of words about the project Rapid Board. It’s a useful program. We often face this problem in our company. Sometimes you can’t discuss certain things on the phone as you need to see the object of your discussion, a layout for example. So, well done guys! A good idea!
And of course, VideoInfoGraphics. A very handy thing. Easy to make and use”.

Roman Stirbu: “I’d single out It’s an interesting and innovative idea, they have things to work on and present to “potential users”. I also liked the idea if the project Special thanks to these projects! As for other participants, I wish them success and development! We’re looking forward to the fourth edition of SWM”.
There’s nothing impossible. During those three days, the teams managed to create a working prototype from scratch and present their projects. We’ll announce the winners a bit later. Now we’d like to tell you about the Fun Project of this edition.
None of the SWM (and this is the third one) goes without a Fun Project. It’s a project with an idea which might be not profitable, not working, but it’s very funny! The paradox of the third edition of SWM was in the fact that the saddest project turned out to be the funniest one. In other words, not matter how sad is the idea of death, you can always present it from a different angle. The whole audience laughed heartily during the presentation of the project

How were the prizes distributed?

1. Rapid Board

In addition to congratulations, the participants were awarded with some “weighty” prizes from the SWM partners. The team received 3000$ from the business incubator Simpals Garage and 20 000 lei from Orange Moldova.

команда Rapid Board - победители SWM

Serghei Cazacu – the inspirer of the group: “With the help of our program designers and clients can edit the layout in real time, which is very convenient”.

2. VideoInfoGraphics 

The team received 2 000$ from Simpals Garage and 15 000 lei from Orange Moldova.

команда VideoInfoGraphics -

Anastasia Ionas- the leader of the project: “If you want to impress someone, for example, with the presentation of the annual report, using our program you just need to enter some dates, numbers, choose the animation you like, and the program will make the video itself. It’s very simple”.


Besides the bronze medal, the guys received the Audience Award, and of course the prizes: 1000$ from the business incubator Simpals Garage and 10 000 lei from Orange Moldova.

команда проекта -

Mihaela Roscov- member of the team: “We have created this website to make people’s life easier. By the way, our potential customers are Internet users”.

Before moving on to the next part, we’d like to point out that the judges couldn’t limit themselves with three prizes. That’s why we continue the awarding ceremony!

4. AdAstra

команда, которая работала над проектом AdAstra - 4-ое место.

The team was awarded with the certificate from ATIC and Enter for 1 000 lei. And as a gift from the business incubator Simpals Garage – 1 000 000 banner displays.

During the awarding of the project someone from the audience asked if Simpals decided to take this project to the Garage. In his answer, Dmitri Volosin said that the team would be invited to discuss possible cooperation. Moreover, Simpals booked the domain for this project-

What other ideas have been invited to the business incubator Garage?

Dmitri Voloshin: «At the moment we have invited 4 teams to discuss further cooperation:, Rapid Board, Social Gift and VideoInfoGraphics. It’s a good result. We hope that our cooperation will produce positive results”.
And finally. If you have an idea that you are willing to develop, please contact Simpals Garage at: We’ll be glad to see you!

Here’s the video and some photos from the 3rd edition of SWM.

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