The project FORUM.MD today celebrates its 15th anniversary!
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1 February 2016

поздравление, праздник

Hide people, is going to be hot today!

And all this due to the fact that our favorite project FORUM.MD today celebrates its 15th anniversary!

During its long life, it had a huge amount of ups, pop peaks, falls (well, it was literally falling, the master will not let us lie!).

Forum is like a living organism, growing and developing together with his users, being a little child at first, then entering the turbulent transitional age, full of fun, parties and off-line meetings – and now it has finally grown up and matured.

We have identified a new vector, found the meaning of the project life – to help people and make the surrounding world a little bit better! And here, several years in a row, we have been actively engaged in social projects: helping children and the elderly, veterans and low-income families, boarding schools and shelters for animals, decorating the city and condemning drivers, who do not respect traffic rules. The plans of the Forum include a considerable number of “urban” projects, about which you’ll learn very soon and hopefully support us in all our initiatives!

Today’s forum, of course, is not what it was 10 years ago – but the changes, as it is known, are always a sign of growth and development.

Therefore, let us rejoice today with the fact that we are 15 years old! We grow up, change, get better – and only good things are waiting for us in the nearest future!

Happy birthday, dearest FORUM.MD! Happy Birthday, forum users!

PS Let’s remember how many good things happened during these 15 years – see the infographic, and laugh to tears together with us!

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