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3 February 2010

Every day we have to make various trips within the city or outside it. The most pressing issues are related to how to get to a particular place, if the route is unfamiliar to us. How to save your time, money, and most importantly nerves, without the use of expensive navigation systems or outdated maps?


The map offers you an effective solution – a new route map. In this section, you can easily find information about all types of public transport, whether trolley, bus, or taxi. It’s simple. Click to select the number of the public transport and the route will instantly appear on the map.

You can zoom in and out the image to learn more about the route. The map includes the names of all the streets of the city and its major sites. You can even determine the location of any city or town in the country.

Want to admire your own house from the distance of a bird flight? It is easy, thanks to a satellite map. But using the tab called “hybrid”, you can not only to see any home, but also to establish its exact location. But this is not all. Using the flag icon, you can set the desired location on the map, save the link and send it to your friends or business partners, while keeping the zoom chosen by you.

The map also allows you to determine the distance to the destination. Now you’ll know exactly how long it will take the trip to the countryside or fishing. That’s it. You’ve got only to print the desired route and to travel.

Enjoy your way!

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