“What you sow is what you reap” or the new sketch by Simpals Studio
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13 October 2020

We’d like to share with you another social sketch produced by our animation studio. It is also related to ecology. “Why?” you might ask. We stand for a conscious attitude towards the surrounding nature and therefore we are preoccupied with this topic.


We won’t bore you with long intros. No one will say about this better than the artists who worked on this sketch. Therefore, we will just quote our production designer Serdar Jumayev:

“It’s no secret that you and I are children spoiled by the benefits of civilization, who don’t pay attention to the future of our planet, which is uncomplainingly fighting for life! And we occasionally act in the same way as children when cleaning the house – sweep the garbage under the rug. Well, this is how the idea of our sketch came about”.

In short, we urge everyone to think about what our indifference to the problem of garbage can lead to. And to get a better idea of this, watch our new sketch “The Harvest”!

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