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Our people on Dom-2

25.09.2006 0

On September 14, our video chat was visited by a participant of the reality show Dom-2 – Lamin Malla.…


YesToday’ 11 – “YES”

01.09.2006 0

Despite all the troubles and stalemate that happened before the celebration, WE HAD FINALLY MET. So, Faraon Club, September 1, the Day of Knowledge for the most of people came …

The SMS-voting WEBTOP 2005 = RESULTS =

16.06.2006 0

Dear Citizens of the First Virtual City YES.MD, Yesterday, January 15, 2006, had ended the first SMS-voting in the contest WebTop-2005, the category of virtual communities.…

Snowman Action = 5th of December = Sculpting the SNOWMAN

04.06.2006 0

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen Yes.md, Look out the window, the winter is beautiful! So let’s go out and share the winter fun.…


YesToday’9 – Mini’2006: It cannot be shorter!

05.05.2006 0

It turned out that it can be! We proved it on May 5 at in the “TRILUX” club. Another party of the YESers was held under the slogan IT CANNOT …


YesToday’8 – Flirto’Party – The Report of the Eighth Official Meeting of the Residents of Yes.md

18.02.2006 0

Because of the fact that the number of YESers which are attending the offlines is significantly increasing, it was decided to hold this meeting at the Moscova club. The start …


Yestoday’7 “New Year in a new way”

16.12.2005 0

The report of the YesToday’7 New year in a new way! In order to adequately meet the New Year, you need a lot of rehearsing… That was the first rehearsal …


Yes.md – the internet project of the year

19.11.2005 0

The site Yes.md was named the internet project of the year as part of the program “Youth in action”.…


Yestoday’6 “The City in the City”

08.11.2005 0

With the support of the cellular shops Eurotel. In the night from 8th to 9th November, City Club has hosted the sixth official meeting of the citizens of the first …


YESTODAY-IV or “Recall everything…”

13.05.2005 0

YESTODAY-IV or “Recall all…”By the way, we didn’t manage to “Recall all”, but there was something that we didn’t forgot.Today, we already cannot be afraid of anything, the FOURTH meeting …


The third official meeting of the residents of Yes.md

29.03.2005 0

The third off-icial meeting of the residents of Yes.md Dear residents of the City, stop hiding in online!!! It’s time to meet and properly have some fun. …


YESTODAY 2 – “Valentines YesToday”

09.02.2005 0

The second official meeting of the residents of YES.MD– “Valentines YesToday”. Dear residents, February 13, 2005 at 20:00, at the club Black Elefant, will be held YESTODAY – II …


Yestoday 1

19.12.2004 0

Venue — Art Club. Date — 19 December 2004 Time -19:00. The program lasts for 2 hours. Attention: Only for residents of YES.MD with printed badges.…

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