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Making of “Dji. Death Sails” – Part Three

09.02.2015 0

Visualization To achieve greater flexibility at the stage of visualization, we had to use additional passes: Point Position Pass, Normals Pass (to highlight the top or bottom side of the …


Making of “Dji. Death Sails” – Part Two

07.02.2015 0

The pirate rig Our pirate is quite bulky, even so he can’t passively die of thirst. In other words he must move. In order to make this big guy move …


Jobs for Young Specialists

09.04.2014 0

In October 2010, the first Moldovan school of computer graphics and animation (Monsters School) opened its doors.…

hiv (1)

The video – HIV at the questioning

10.02.2012 0

We had finished working on an interesting and unique video “HIV at the questioning”.…

Screen Shot 2012-06-22 at 9.46.57 AM copy

The video – Business Complet

07.12.2011 0

We had finished working on the video ad “Business Complet”, made for the Moldcell Company.…


The commercial of the vodka “Zernoff”

27.10.2007 0

We had to show vodka «Zernoff», as the purest product. The video embodies the brand’s philosophy: “The quality of the product – this is a consequence of pure relationship to …


The promotional video of the rock festival “Stary Melnik 2007”

20.07.2007 0

The result was a large-scale innovative movie. The innovation for Moldova was the quality interaction of the video with 3D graphics. The central image of the video, as well …


The new commercial of the drink «Festival» in a rock style

05.07.2007 0

He listens to rock, he is independent and self-sufficient, and he easily overcomes all obstacles. New 3D skills and technologies have helped to create not just a movie character, but …


The commercial of the drink “Festival” in a Disco style

14.06.2007 0

She is bright, fun and carefree and it is easy and simple for her to go through life. What are troubles for her? Nothing! Because she is dancing and drinking …


The promo clip for the “Rock Festival Stary Melnik 2006”

10.07.2006 0

The feature of the video is a very unexpected approach to the concept of the clip,, compared to the previous year! Very original and memorable.…

The infomercial “Chisinau-Safe”

30.04.2006 0

Thecommercial for the beer Chisinau – “Chisinau-Safe”, is made entirely in 3D, in a fairly short time. …


The infomercial “Buburuza”

15.03.2006 0

The commercial for the provider of mobile content “BUBURUZA”. A short story about the trips of a ladybug in sunny day. Field, chamomile, birch, and more others in the new …

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