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Video in the “999” Advertisement

13.05.2015 0

Hi everybody! Everybody knows that advertisement with pictures is always more attractive than without it. On the picture you can see the goods and get how do they really look.…

новый горизонт

The “New Horizon” is conquered!

28.04.2015 0

Our Dji participates not only at sport marathons (he participated in two already!), but at the festival marathons, as well. This time Dji participated at the International festival of short …


“StopHam” in Moldova. Women behind the wheel

20.11.2012 0

Beware! There is a female shoe sign on the car and a woman behind the wheel! Delicate and fragile creatures object to being told where to park. Brave Amazons fight …


Simpals made the clip HORA DIN MOLDOVA with all Moldova

08.05.2009 0

Moldova is ready for “Eurovision”! The video for Nelly Ciobanu song «Hora din Moldova» is finished. Simpals, Orange and Teleradio Moldova would like to thank all Moldovan citizens for having …


The new commercial for MaxDSL Brio

01.05.2009 0

We’ve developed a new concept for MaxDSL packages: These are superheroes… The clip reveals the details of the service in an interactive form. Maxdsl Brio from simpals on Vimeo.…


The MaxDSL commercials "Grannies-2"

10.12.2008 0

Our grannies have become so popular in the ranks of Internet users, so we decided to continue the story. Now, our advanced grannies are not gossiping on the bench before …


The MaxDSL commercial “Grannies”

01.09.2008 0

The grannies from the commercial for the company Moldtelecom had started to speak in our language, the language of the Internet users. They started to “Google” actively and to “hang” …


The new commercial of MaxDSL Nano for Moldtelecom

20.04.2008 0

Photo-realistic graphics in this video demonstrates the next step in Moldovan 3D industry. The maximum similarity of the virtual ants with their natural prototypes helped to exactly convey the idea …


The commercial of Nestle – “Music”

03.11.2007 0

The features of the video Nestle – “Music” is the character animation. A hilarious movie, which will not only make you interested in company’s products, but also will force you …


The commercial for Orange – PrePay Juno

07.09.2007 0

We’ve created an interesting commercial for Orange. The feature of the video Orange – PrePay Juno is the character animation (Cartoon render).…


We’ve finished working on the clip of Arsenium “Professional heartbreakers”

02.06.2007 0

On June 2, 2007 the Simpals Company has finished working on the clip of Arsenium “Professional heartbreakers“. The Premiere of the video will be held on June 3 …


The commercial for Prime Capital – “Loans for housing”

31.03.2007 0

Are you dreaming for more? The frog will tell you what to do. Try! Your home is waiting for you! The features of the video: 3D modeling and laborious animation …


The commercial for NESTLE “Get the chocolate jackpot”

05.10.2006 0

NESTLE Promo – what won’t you do for a delicious chocolate bar! …


We’ve filmed another clip for the song of the band O-Zone – “Dragostea din tei”

15.05.2003 0

We’ve filmed another clip for the song of the band O-Zone – “Dragostea din tei”. The video turned out dynamic, vibrant and transmits the energy of the song of the …

We’ve finished the work on the clip of the song “Despre Tine” for the O-Zone band

23.10.2002 0

We’ve finished the work on a bright clip “Despre tine” of the band O-Zone. The band is young, but they certainly have potential – the song is catchy and, certainly, …

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